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Chicago, The Windy City, is filled with incredible and exciting things to.  There are fun things to do with kids this weekend and always concerts in Chicago tonight.  Whatever it is you might be seeking at any point in time, there is a very good chance it is happening somewhere in Chicago. 

Our very helpful Chicago Travel Guide can be of assistance as you determine what you want to do and perhaps hotels near me in Chicago and the best restaurants.  It’s always best to check out any great city with a travel guide and a game plan for your action!

Chicago has tons of attractions.  Some of those include Navy Pier, Lincoln Park Zoo, and Millennium Park.  There is also Grant Park and the Museum of Science and Industry.  Don’t forget Shedd Aquarium and the immensely incredible views from 360Chicago. 

What are some top attractions in Chicago?

Chicago has tons of attractions.  Some of those include Navy Pier, Lincoln Park Zoo, and Millennium Park.  There is also Grant Park and the Museum of Science and Industry.  Don’t forget Shedd Aquarium and the immensely incredible views from 360Chicago. 

Chicago is simply overflowing with arts and culture.  Take your kids to the Chicago Children’s Museum or the Chicago History Museum.  You can also check out the Art Institute Of Chicago and the Chicago Cultural Center. 

If you are seeking performing arts then Chicago is the place for you.  Chicago is home the Hamilton Chicago and of course the Joffrey Ballet.  There is also the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Chicago Opera. 

The city is also a huge sports town.  You can always find the upcoming events and schedules at  We have the Bears Schedule, Northwestern Football Schedule, and of course all the hockey action with the Blackhawks and Chicago Wolves

Check out some live action of a recent concert in Chicago:

Getting To Chicago

Chicago is a favorite tourist destination. It is one of the best cities in the US with world-class museums and restaurants and it is home to Jazz and comedy. It is known as the Windy City. Of course, getting there first is most important, so it is helpful to know a few things about the airports.

Midway can handle all of the major airlines and is one great option for flying to Chicago. If you charter your bus beforehand can save valuable time and produce your journey a lot more pleasant. The rental car buses depart with just a few folks. When travelling in a bigger group, the typical taxi or limo services are not able to cater for such parties within a car.

The airport provides a number of shops to pass the moment. Smaller airports are not going to provide that sort of exposure. O’Hare International Airport provides an assortment of choices for vehicle rentals. Midway International Airport is in the middle of a large dining overhaul. If you’re planning to fly into Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW), you’ve got ten car rental companies to pick from.

Based on the pick up location and destination of your journey, an alternate taxicab service may be the best option for you. Chicago Destinations While traveling to Chicago learns more about the region and the places you may visit when you remain in the region. Chicago Destinations Your visit to the Windy City is certain to be fun and full of excitement.

Chicago Growth And Development – Entertainment and Living Options

To stay on top of all the best things to do in Chicago or any city, you must be aware of all the new development and amazing places being constructed to lure in residents and give people a nice quality of life. There is a mammoth new development in Chicago called The 78. It’s a $7 Billion plus mega-project that will include entertainment options and venues. In fact, the entire city is under an immense new construction boom. It truly is remarkable how much new development is going on for a major, established city. Just check out the new digs around the Northwestern campus as well. Incredible.

Chicago 2020 Broadway Season Is Something Special

Broadway In Chicago really did it big time in 2020. Some true smash hits from Broadway are coming to town. Dear Evan Hansen is returning to the Windy City after a super successful run in 2019. Sensational musicals Mean Girls, Frozen, and Come From Away will also be in Chicago this coming season. It’s a power packed year for theatre lovers in Chicagoland.

Shedd Aquarium

The aquarium is always a big hit and an excellent place to take the kids. Also a perfect trip for a school field trip. Shedd in Chicago is no different. Shedd said please don’t hesitate to nurse anywhere you’re comfortable. Shedd has a rather prosperous penguin breeding program. Shedd is a well-known place and can readily get crowded during summer, weekends or holidays. Shedd also receives a huge part of its power consumption from solar power, and it’s always increasing. In reality, Shedd has also made tremendous progress in the field of waste management.

Shedd Aquarium is located at 1200 South Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, zip code 60605.

It is possible to re-enter the Aquarium if you maintain your ticket. You only have to go to Shedd Aquarium! In general, Shedd Aquarium is a good location for families to devote an enjoyable weekend at. If you prefer to be part of the Shedd Aquarium’s workforce, you can volunteer for sure positions. Shedd Aquarium is among the world’s biggest indoor aquariums, housing around 32,000 creatures. Shedd Aquarium is among the most fascinating areas to visit when in the Chicago region. You can’t tour the complete Shedd Aquarium in simply a day so instead join their membership to visit it frequently. Perhaps check out the Shedd Aquarium for catching a concert at the Aragon Ballroom.

You can leave and return inside if you maintain your ticket. When you purchase your tickets, make certain that you reserve your time for any shows you would love to see as you will require a ticket to enter. Buying tickets early is almost always a fantastic idea. They can be purchased exclusively at the front gate of Dollywood and cannot be pre-purchased. If you wish to find discounted tickets, take a look at the discount section above.

Hotels In Chicago

When visiting Chicago of course it is imperative to check out all the hotels in Chicago so you can make the best choice for what you want. There are hundreds and hundreds of great hotels to choose from. The Centrally Situated Palmer House Hotel – The Palmer House, a Hilton Hotel Has Been a great stay for our family . This Hilton hotel is centrally situated and just two blocks from the Art Institute and Millennium Park. We walked to almost anything we did. We got tired, Lyft and Uber automobile services delivered us as taking public transportation, about the same cost. Named after its proprietor his hotel burned from the Great Chicago Fire. 

Today, the hotel is a popular place to go for social gatherings in its spectacular lobby. This could be a great option for after a Thalia Hall Concert or after a long drive back from a Notre Dame Football game. This hotel takes you back with ceilings offering guests of business conferences and weddings both hospitality and old world charm. Our loved using the Executive Floor Lounge. For everyone remaining floors, the lounge provides evening hor doeuvres and breakfast. The lounge is an upgrade in the fun element and a family. To give you a notion of how Hilton Palmer Parker House is at Chicago, here’s the distance from the hotel and a list of Chicago restaurants and nearby attractions. We walked to all except the Museum of Industry and Science. 

Chicago Attractions – The Art Institute along with Millennium Park – Willis Tower – Field Museum of Natural History – John Hancock – Water Tower Place – John G Shedd Aquarium – Adler Planetarium – Lincoln Park Zoo – Museum of Science and Industry – Chicago restaurants – Als Beef – Giordanos – Lou Malnatis – Xoco – The Purple Pig – Portillos – Self Guided Walking Chicago Food Tour – I Really like to sample food in Various cities, but there’s never Appear to be sufficient meals. Thats where food tours come in. Rather than joining one, we created our very own Chicago food tour with the aid of knowledgeable friends. 

Who says you need to eat a whole meal at one restaurant? These innovative meals work when there are plenty of great restaurants within walking distance. Map them out on Google Maps along with make your very own Chicago food tour. Appetizer: Charcuterie in The Purple Pig – First Course: hotdogs At Portillos – Second Course: An Italian sandwich in Als Steak – Dessert: Churros with chocolate in Xoco – Chicago Deep Dish Pizza – Im not going to get into that the Chicago Deep Dish pizza wars. They’re all Chicago classics in their very own right.

Time to remake Chicago Park District in the wake of chief Mike Kelly’s ousterCST Editorial Boardon October 15, 2021 at 10:00 pm

With the resignation of Chicago Park District Supt. Mike Kelly, the agency now has a chance to chart a new and improved course. But will it? | Sun-Times file photo

Mayor Lori Lightfoot must find a new parks superintendent who can turn the district into the proud agency its creators and designers intended.

The Chicago Park District, with its abundance of park space and programming abilities, should be a well-run agency that provides respite, activities and benefits for residents — particularly during these tough times for Chicagoans.

But too often the district has fallen down on its duties, dating back to the horrible days of parks boss Ed Kelly, who spent the 1970s and 1980s delivering the spoils to parks in white communities at the expense of Black and Hispanic neighborhoods and was sued by the federal government because of it, to recently-resigned Supt. Mike Kelly, who had to walk the plank this month after doing next to nothing to address a lifeguard sexual abuse scandal at the district.

The city deserves better than this from its park district. And now with Kelly gone, the agency and Mayor Lori Lightfoot must find a superintendent who can turn the district into the proud agency its creators and designers intended more than a century ago.

We’re not talking just about properly maintaining and building beautiful park spaces, although that is needed. But also creating robust, visionary and community-focused programming and parks activities in every neighborhood.

As Friends of the Parks Executive Director Juanita Irizarry told us, the new leader must be “someone who can really see with a different set of eyes what is broken.”

Yes. And fix it.

Park District housecleaning needed

The lifeguard sexual abuse scandal, currently under investigation by the Cook County state’s attorney, threw light on an appalling atmosphere in which district supervisors allegedly preyed upon the female lifeguards in their charge.

“The culture of sexual abuse, harassment and coercion that has become pervasive within the district’s Aquatics Department lifeguard program under his leadership, combined with the superintendent’s lack of urgency or accountability as new facts have come to light, is unacceptable,” Lightfoot said in a statement issued last week just before Kelly resigned.

But the matter also allegedly shows how old-school Chicago politics instinctively kicked into action to impede the initial investigation into the matter, with Kelly sitting on the complaint for months, then later forcing out the park district deputy inspector general in charge of the probe.

Kelly now is being held accountable as he should be, but he didn’t act alone. All this tells us the park district needs a house-cleaning from top to bottom, and a new leader with the power to do it — while making sure the agency cooperates fully with the investigation.

The park district’s sloppiness, stonewalling and obfuscation of the scandal is a hallmark of how the district often does business in general, another reason why a proper fumigation is needed.

For instance, last year the agency changed the name of the West Side’s Douglas Park to Douglass Park, honoring orator and abolitionist Frederick Douglass. But in taking the vote, the district totally ignored the work of students from Village Leadership Academy, 800 S. Wells St., who had been petitioning the district since 2016 to rename the park.

The students weren’t allowed to speak at the park district board meeting or given any notice that the renaming would be on the agenda. Senseless, but typical.

And the district has generally supported a group’s $30 million plan to turn the Jackson Park and South Shore Cultural Center golf courses into a combined and upgraded Tiger Woods branded PGA level facility. But despite acres of public land at play, the park district has been stingy with key details about the proposal, including ways the agency would keep the course affordable for everyday golfers — and exactly how the new facility would be an economic boon for the nearby South Side neighborhoods, as promised.

“We have real concern over whether a PGA golf course makes sense,” Irizarry said. “Do we think golf courses are a good economic model anywhere? No. Golf courses are struggling.”

This golf supercourse is a bad idea. And though the organization behind it is looking to raise the $30 million construction cost, combining the courses would require the construction of bridges and underpasses. This smacks of the $172 million state taxpayers quietly got saddled with to rework the roadways around the north end of Jackson Park to accommodate the Obama Presidential Center.

The park district’s next superintendent, given the charge of fairness, transparency and openness, should either hold public meetings fully explaining the golf course proposal or ditch the plan entirely and improve the existing courses in ways they’ve needed for decades.

The courses would bring greater enjoyment to ordinary Chicagoans, which beats catering to tournaments and golf pros.

An important pick

The mayor’s office hasn’t stated how she will approach finding the next parks boss.

But late Wednesday she made a solid choice by picking as interim superintendent Rosa Escareno, the recently-retired commissioner of the city’s Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection. Escareno ran a tight shop at Business Affairs. At a minimum she can hold down the fort during the search for a permanent successor.

Finding that replacement won’t be an easy task nor should it be. And it shouldn’t be rushed.

We encourage Lightfoot to take her time and do it right. The pick is just that important.

Send letters to

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We have entered the Twilight Zone of vaccine truth and consequencesLetters to the Editoron October 15, 2021 at 10:00 pm

A member of the Chicago Teachers Union wears a sticker after getting vaccinated at Weiss Memorial Hospital on Feb. 15, 2021. | Ashlee Rezin Garcia/Sun-Times

Even as health care workers struggle to care for patients — unquestionably a science-based endeavor–some of them are refusing a free treatment that overwhelmingly prevents hospitalization and death.

We have finally entered the Twilight Zone.

Governors are defying public health rules issued by the president and federal agencies. They are punishing school districts that are trying to protect their students and employees. They are threatening private companies that are trying to keep their businesses going by protecting their workforce.

SEND LETTERS TO: Please include your neighborhood or hometown and a phone number for verification purposes. Letters should be approximately 350 words or less.

Even as health care workers struggle to care for patients — unquestionably a science-based endeavor–some of them are refusing a free treatment that overwhelmingly prevents hospitalization and death caused by a disease destined to kill at least three quarters of a million Americans.

And television personalities who are required to be vaccinated turn around and disseminate inaccurate information (to put it generously), just as Republican politicians consistently undermine vaccination efforts and inflame people’s doubts about safety.

It’s as if they were all fighting on the side of COVID.

What hope do we have?

Michael Hart, West Ridge

Police officers should decide on vaccines

My wife is a Chicago police officer. She is a dedicated public servant. She has and will continue to run toward the gunfire. She has and will continue to run toward the danger if there is a chance to save others.

My wife and I, after much research and discussion, have chosen not to be vaccinated at this time. Our decision is based in part on her serious allergies. Also, in part, because we lead healthy lifestyles. But now this decision, reached by two consenting adults within the marriage bond, is threatened for one of us. Mayor Lori Lightfoot believes she has the right and moral authority to override our well researched, well thought-out and critically reasoned decision and force my wife to submit to this shot.

My wife is not to have any say over what will be done to her physical person. I hope her union and fellow officers stand strong against this unconscionable and dictatorial abuse of power.

Robert R. Johnson, Mt. Greenwood

Serve and protect whom?

“We serve and protect” is the motto of the Chicago Police Department. But who does their union claim to serve and protect, given that they have chosen to spread COVID-19 among the citizens of Chicago by defying a common-sense requirement to get vaccinated?

Vaccinations protect the person who is vaccinated. And each person who avoids infection is one less opportunity for the virus to mutate into a more deadly variant, and it means one less carrier to infect several other people.

Please guys, try not to kill the citizens of Chicago.

Mike Foss Redwood City, California

Schools and vaccine confusion

I wish Mayor Lori Lightfoot was selling her car. She has proved once again that she is a terrible negotiator. And the Chicago Teachers Union has once again proved that they are no better than dishonest car salespeople, talking out of both sides of their mouths.

Sometimes the CTU complains about the lax COVID-19 policies in Chicago’s public schools. Then, on Wednesday, they encouraged the mayor to continue to allow unvaccinated teachers and CPS employees to work, in person and paid, after her vaccine deadline. What is the point to a vaccine mandate if you don’t follow through with the consequences?

I’m not fooled by the CPS/CTU “statistic” that 85% of employees at CPS are vaccinated. That’s everyone within CPS. More than 1,500 teachers, as I write this, remain unvaccinated. Those teachers mingle for many hours, in close contact, with unvaccinated children.

Children until the age of 12 can’t legally get a vaccine, but adults can. They must face harsh consequences for not doing so. Unvaccinated teachers, CPS, the teachers union and Lightfoot are going to drive right off the COVID-19 cliff. Sadly, we’ll go down with them.

Patty Lamberti, Edgebrook

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AJ Casey commits to MiamiJoe Henricksenon October 15, 2021 at 10:06 pm

Young’s AJ Casey (20) shoots the ball over Mount Carmel. | Kirsten Stickney/For the Sun-Times

Has Miami and veteran head coach Jim Larranaga come into Chicago and pulled off a recruiting steal?

Has Miami and veteran head coach Jim Larranaga come into Chicago and pulled off a recruiting steal?

Time will tell but Young’s high-profile AJ Casey committed to the Hurricanes on Friday.

Miami was one of the last programs to jump in on the multi-dimensional 6-8 forward, offering just over a month ago. But Larranaga and his staff made up ground quickly and had Casey for an official visit in late September.

“They just recruited me hard,” Casey said. “When I was on my visit and I was able to see how things are there, that’s when I really became interested. Things went so well from the coaching staff to the campus to the school itself. I truly enjoyed myself.”

It was believed that Casey’s decision came down to Miami and DePaul, where Casey took an official visit earlier this month.

“The Atlantic Coast Conference is one of the best conferences in the country,” Casey said. “Playing in the ACC and playing for coach Larranaga, who is one of the winningest coaches of all time, speaks volumes.”

Casey may no longer be the top-ranked prospect in the state as he was the first three years of his career, and the national ranking has dropped a bit, but this is a significant recruit for an out-of-the-region basketball program like Miami. Casey has been the biggest name in the Class of 2022 in Illinois since he arrived on the scene as a freshman.

“I am definitely excited to play my senior year,” Casey said. “I would call it my revenge tour. I want to get back at it and show people all that I can do as a player and lead this team.”

He will now be a foundation piece for a rebuilding Miami program that has struggled of late with three straight losing seasons and a 16-41 record in the ACC during that time.

Casey’s commitment was the second of the day for Larranaga. Three-star forward Danilo Jovanovich, who attends Milwaukee Witnall, gave the Hurricanes an oral commitment a few hours before Casey.

With size, length and athleticism, Casey still remains an intriguing prospect with upside and who figures to be one of the Player of the Year frontrunners in the Chicago area and the state this coming season. He will anchor what will be one of the state’s top high school teams this winter, bringing a vast amount of versatility as he can run the floor, handle the ball and step out and be a threat with his perimeter face-up jumper.

Casey began his high school career at Simeon as a freshman before putting up monster numbers at Tinley Park as a sophomore when he averaged 22 points, 10.2 rebounds, 3.2 assists and 2.3 steals a game. He then transferred to Young for his junior year, leading the Dolphins to a 15-1 record last season.

Casey is a four-star recruit who is ranked nationally as high as No. 55 by Rivals and No. 57 by ESPN.

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Man shot in car during attempted robbery in Wicker Park alleySophie Sherryon October 15, 2021 at 10:43 pm

Chicago police work the scene where a 55-year-old man was shot in 2000 block of West North Avenue in the Wicker Park neighborhood, Friday, Oct. 15, 2021. | Tyler LaRiviere/Sun-Times

The man was in the 2000 block of West North Avenue when someone approached, demanded his belongings and opened fire, Chicago police said.

A man was shot Friday afternoon during an attempted robbery in an alley in Wicker Park on the North Side.

The man, 55, was in his car in the 2000 block of West North Avenue when someone approached, demanded his belongings and opened fire about 3:45 p.m., Chicago police said.

He was struck in the left hip and leg and taken to Stroger Hospital, where his condition was stabilized, police said.

At the scene, crowds gathered around the busy intersection to watch investigators work. Police focused their attention on a black SUV stopped on North Avenue with one shell casing near the driver’s door.

Tyler LaRiviere/Sun-Times
Chicago police work the scene where a 55-year-old man was shot in 2000 block of West North Avenue in the Wicker Park neighborhood, Friday, Oct. 15, 2021.

Workers at a Starbucks on the corner said they did not hear anything.

Two blocks of North Avenue were shut down from Milwaukee to Hoyne Avenue following the shooting.

Over the weekend, four people were wounded and another was killed after gunmen opened fire just blocks away in front of a music venue.

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High school football scores: Week 8Michael O’Brienon October 15, 2021 at 8:54 pm

Clark quarterback Dontrell Starks (22) is chased by Rabi’s Kierre Turner. | Kevin Tanaka/For the Sun-Times

All the scores from around the area.

Please send scores and corrections to

Thursday, October 14


UP-Bronzeville 50, Dunbar 12


Catalyst-Maria 2, Ag. Science 0 (forfeit)


Kennedy 27, Steinmetz 18


Carver 14, Julian 6


Von Steuben 28, Schurz 8


Little Village 2, Juarez 0 (forfeit)


Dyett 20, Englewood STEM 6


Phoenix 22, Little Village 18

Friday, October 15


Hyde Park at Brooks, 7


Speer vs. Rauner at Rockne, 4:15


Westinghouse at Lane, 7:15

Young at Taft, 7:30


Clark vs. Payton at Lane, 4:15


Perspectives vs. Curie at Rockne, 7:15


Harlan vs. Washington at Eckersall, 3:45

Solorio vs. Vocational at Gately, 4:15


Amundsen vs. Sullivan at Winnemac, 3:45


Kelly vs. Tilden at Stagg, 3:45


Marine at Chicago Academy, 4:15


Highland Park at Vernon Hills, 7:30

Maine East at Deerfield, 7

Maine West at Niles North, 7


Evanston at Maine South, 7

Glenbrook South at Glenbrook North, 7

Niles West at New Trier, 7


Geneva at Wheaton North, 7:30

Glenbard North at St. Charles North, 7:30

St. Charles East at Batavia, 7:30

Wheaton-Warrenville South at Lake Park, 7:30


DeKalb at Neuqua Valley, 7

Metea Valley at Naperville Central, 7:30

Waubonsie Valley at Naperville North, 7


Burlington Central at Cary-Grove, 7

Crystal Lake Central at McHenry, 7

Crystal Lake South at Prairie Ridge, 7

Dundee-Crown at Huntley, 7

Hampshire at Jacobs, 7


Coal City at Reed-Custer, 7

Herscher at Peotone, 7

Lisle at Manteno, 7

Streator at Wilmington, 7


Ottawa Marquette at Christ the King, 7:30


Harvard at Richmond-Burton, 7

Marengo at Sandwich, 7

Rochelle at Plano, 7


Kaneland at Ottawa, 7

Morris at LaSalle-Peru, 7

Woodstock at Sycamore, 7


Aurora Central at Ridgewood, 7:30

Bishop McNamara at IC Catholic, 7:15

Wheaton Academy at Elmwood Park, 7


Aurora Christian at St. Edward, 7

Riverside-Brookfield at St. Francis, 7:30

Westmont at Chicago Christian, 7:15


Prospect at Hersey, 7

Rolling Meadows at Elk Grove, 7

Wheeling at Buffalo Grove, 7


Conant at Barrington, 7:30

Palatine at Fremd, 7:30

Schaumburg at Hoffman Estates, 7:30


Lake Zurich at Stevenson, 7:30

Mundelein at Lake Forest, 7

Warren at Libertyville, 7:30

Waukegan at Zion-Benton, 7:30


Grayslake North at Wauconda, 7

Lakes at Grayslake Central, 7

North Chicago at Grant, 7:15

Round Lake at Antioch, 7:15


TF North at Bremen, 6

TF South at Lemont, 7

Tinley Park at Oak Forest, 6


Evergreen Park at Eisenhower, 7

Oak Lawn at Argo, 7

Reavis at Shepard, 7


Bloom at Crete-Monee, 6:30

Kankakee at Thornton, 7

Rich Township at Thornridge, 6


Plainfield East at Plainfield South, 7

Romeoville at Plainfield Central, 7


Oswego East at Oswego, 7

Plainfield North at West Aurora, 7

Yorkville at Minooka, 7


Homewood-Flossmoor at Sandburg, 6

Lincoln-Way East at Lockport, 6:30


Andrew at Lincoln-Way West, 7:30

Stagg at Bradley-Bourbonnais, 6


East Aurora at West Chicago, 7:30

Fenton at Streamwood, 7:30

Glenbard South at Glenbard East, 7:30

Larkin at Elgin, 7:30

South Elgin at Bartlett, 7:30


Momence 2, Watseka 0 (forfeit)

Clifton Central at Seneca, 7

Dwight at Iroquois West, 7


Hinsdale South at Proviso East, 7

Leyden at Addison Trail, 7

Morton at Downers Grove South, 6:30


Downers Grove North at Oak Park-River Forest, 7

Glenbard West at Lyons, 7:30

Proviso West at Hinsdale Central, 7:30


Bolingbrook at Lincoln-Way Central, 7:30

Brother Rice at Marian Catholic, 7:30

Danville at Thornwood, 7

De La Salle at Hope Academy, 7:30

Fenwick at Marian Central, 7:30

Hillcrest at Richards, 7

Johnsburg at Woodstock North, 7

Joliet Catholic at Benet, 7

Loyola at St. Patrick, 7

Marist at Carmel, 7:30

Marmion at Leo, 7:30

Montini at Nazareth, 7

Mount Carmel at St. Viator, 7:30

Providence at St. Rita, 7:30

St. Ignatius at DePaul Prep, 7:30

St. Laurence at Notre Dame, 7:30

York at Willowbrook, 7

Saturday, October 16


Lindblom vs. King at Eckersall, 1


Bogan vs. Comer at Eckersall, 4

Johnson at Goode, noon


North Lawndale vs. Prosser at Lane, 1


Phillips vs. Lincoln Park at Lane, 4


Back of the Yards at Orr, 1

Raby vs. Bulls Prep at Rockne, 4


Kenwood vs. Simeon at Lane, 10 a.m.

Morgan Park vs. Hubbard at Gately, 7


Lake View vs. Mather at Winnemac, 1


Collins vs. Gage Park at Stagg, 4


Longwood 2, Fenger 0 (forfeit)

Bowen vs. Corliss at Gately, 4

Butler vs. South Shore at Eckersall, 10 a.m.


Foreman vs. Roosevelt at Winnemac, 4

Senn vs. Pritzker at Rockne, 10 a.m.


DuSable vs. Woodlawn at Stagg, 10 a.m.

Hansberry vs. Chicago Richards at Stagg, 1


Phoenix 2, Marshall 0 (forfeit)

Crane vs. Rowe-Clark at Rockne, 1

UIC Prep vs. Clemente at Lane, 7


Joliet Central at Joliet West, 11 a.m.


Longwood vs. Chicago Military, TBA

Walther Christian at Perry, Mich., 11 a.m.

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Big Game Hunting: Alabama has already fallen. Is it Georgia’s turn in Week 7?Steve Greenbergon October 15, 2021 at 9:06 pm

Jordan Davis is causing all kinds of chaos for Georgia’s defense. | Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Short answer: heck no. Kentucky-Georgia, Oklahoma State-Texas, Purdue-Iowa, Rutgers-Northwestern predictions and more.

It’s the short straw. The runt of the litter. The cracked egg in the carton. The burnt french fry at the bottom of the bag.

Say hello to Week 7, college football fans. It stinks.

Every college season has a worst-looking week of games. Well, it’s here. And it’s so bad, there isn’t a matchup worth leading this column with. So let’s take stock of where we are at midseason instead.


Georgia: The Bulldogs’ defense rocked Clemson’s post-Trevor Lawrence world in the opener and has become the story of the season. Clemson, Arkansas and Auburn combined — yes, combined — to score 13 points against the No. 1 team in the land.

Cincinnati: The win at Indiana was a key early hurdle to clear, and the ensuing win at Notre Dame was a declaration: The Bearcats intend to win ’em all — and they should — and put massive pressure on the playoff committee to include a Group of Five team for the first time.

Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State: Look at all those zeroes in the loss column. The Hawkeyes, Wolverines and Spartans have raised the Big Ten bar big-time.


Alabama: Perfect no more, the Crimson Tide have a clear mission now: Get to Atlanta with just the one loss, beat Georgia for the SEC title and end up in Indianapolis playing — Georgia again? — for all the marbles.

Oklahoma: For an unbeaten, fourth-ranked team, the Sooners have been pretty awful. Maybe the benching of superstar quarterback Spencer Rattler will light a fire under everybody and turn this pretender into a contender.

Ohio State: Sounds nuts, but nobody’s talking about the one-loss Buckeyes. Just imagine how annoyed everybody will be after they beat Michigan State, Michigan and (in the Big Ten title game) Iowa back-to-back-to-back to get back into the playoff.

Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images
Michigan State’s Walker deserves some Heisman love.


My top two so far are Georgia nose tackle Jordan Davis and Michigan State running back Kenneth Walker III. The betting favorites to win the thing are QBs — shocking — but a lot of guys other than Alabama’s Bryce Young, Matt Corral or Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud could rise up and win it.


Rutgers (-1 1/2 ) at Northwestern (11 a.m., BTN, 720-AM): The Wildcats have had two weeks to think about a more-than-humbling 56-7 loss at Nebraska. Wait, is that a good thing? Scarlet Knights by a touchdown.

No. 12 Oklahoma State (+3 1/2 ) at No. 25 Texas (11 a.m., Fox-32): It’s not quite Oklahoma-Texas fun, but it’s a heck of a good time. Run, Bijan Robinson, run — Longhorns, 38-30.

No. 11 Kentucky (+22 1/2 ) at No. 1 Georgia (2:30 p.m., Ch. 2): The Wildcats are 6-0 and have this way of hanging around that’s so impressive … most of the time. Dogs, 31-10.

Purdue (+11 1/2 ) at No. 2 Iowa (2:30 p.m., Ch. 7): A mismatch? The Boilermakers — who’ve beaten Iowa three times in the last four years — are laughing at the question. Hawkeyes, 23-17.

Bowling Green (+9) at Northern Illinois (2:30 p.m., ESPN+, 560-AM): BGSU has a 10-game MAC losing streak, but surprisingly good NIU is still without running back Harrison Waylee. This league is never not weird. Huskies by only a field goal.

TCU (+13 1/2 ) at No. 4 Oklahoma (6:30 p.m., Ch. 7): The Sooners have beaten Tulane, Nebraska, West Virginia, Kansas State and Texas all by single scores. The lights are on in Norman, but is anyone home? Boomer by 21.

No. 18 Arizona State (pick ’em) at Utah (9 p.m., ESPN): There are lots of people who believe the Sun Devils are the best team in the Pac-12. Did I call the MAC weird? The Pac-12 is weirder. Utes, 27-23.

My favorite favorite: No. 5 Alabama (-17) at Mississippi State (6 p.m., ESPN): Somebody has to be the poor team the Tide annihilates after a loss.

My favorite underdog: Missouri (+11) vs. No. 21 Texas A&M (11 a.m., SEC): How bad is the Aggies’ hangover after upsetting the Tide? Mizzou is terrible defensively, but it can score on anybody. This is crazy. Completely crazy. Upset.

Last week: 6-3 straight-up, 4-4-1 vs. the spread.

Season to date: 40-17 straight-up, 33-23-1 vs. the spread.

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At Second City, a mediocrity rises from the ashesDarel Jevenson October 15, 2021 at 9:14 pm

The Second City mainstage revue “Together at Last” stars Asia Martin (from left), Adam Schreck, Evan Mills, Sarah Dell’Amico, Jordan Savusa and Mary Catherine Curren. | Timothy M. Schmidt

After a tumultuous time, the new mainstage revue ‘Together at Last’ arrives, and it’s just a little better than the last one.

What’s radical about “Together at Last,” the first Second City mainstage revue in almost two years, is that it’s not all that radical.

After all, this is a show emerging from chaos. It’s been one round of upheaval after another at the old Wells Street institution — a revolt over institutional racism, a longtime owner out, a new owner in. Not to mention the pandemic that shut down Second City’s theaters and limited it to the Internet for more than a year.

Now the company comes back with a show of new material, shaped over the last few months, and it’s far from a game-changer. Aside from a few tweaks, it’s typical 21st century Second City: sketches and blackouts performed with high energy, frenetic pacing and flashy lighting. And the cast arrives almost intact from “Do You Believe in Madness?,” the 2019-20 show cut short by COVID-19.

“Madness,” unfortunately, was a mess. And while this show also falls short of Second City standards, the ensemble has become more deft and the material a little stronger.

Working with a new director — Anneliese Toft, transferred from the e.t.c. stage — the actors open the revue with friendly waves and then a blunt declaration that “we’re f- – – ed!” (It’s the first of many naughty words in a show with a serious swearing problem. Artful cussing has been a Second City staple ever since Del Close dropped the f-word the day after the JFK assassination, but in this show the profanity is seldom there to enhance the joke. It’s meant to be the joke. And the joke gets old.)

While improv-heavy, “Together” does settle into a few scripted songs and scenes. One clever number teaches the uninformed how to navigate a current-events discussion (you can always cite the Atlantic because “nobody reads the Atlantic”), and Sarah Dell’Amico and Evan Mills do a graceful song-and-dance as a couple thrilled to be divorcing. Dell’Amico also teams up effectively with Mary Catherine Curren to play estranged Florida friends whose conflicts are dredged up in amusing, well-written detail.

The night’s big political set piece is an extended take on Joe Biden by Adam Schreck, who oddly portrays the famously deliberative president as a fast talker with a George W. Bush twang. Less than trenchant, the sketch goes after easy targets like Marjorie Taylor Greene and the fly on Mike Pence’s head.

But most bits hinge on the suggestions that audience members text (to screens next to the stage) or shout when prompted. In a step up from the dreary Charades and Freeze Tag of “Madness,” these segments are innovative, if borderline bizarre: Cuddly Jordan Savusa roars as a minotaur sensitive to one-liners about a suggested topic, or floating plane-crash survivors look to audience ideas to understand how they’re mystically bonded.

Watching nimble comic minds instantly spin gold from suggestions is one of the great thrills of Second City. But on opening night, the “Madness” actors often lacked command of the improv, sputtering uncertain responses or entertaining each other (if not us) with their incoherence.

In a bawdy, overlong improv about pandemic frustration, the three women play party girls leaving lockdown and desperate for action. Each questions a guy in the audience and turns his answers into sex talk, writhing as they proposition him with dumb schoolyard innuendo. Hooray for celebrating female sexuality, boo for cheap humor.

The newcomer to the cast, Mills, is an intriguing presence who uses his big eyes and lithe moves to play a stalker whose identity is a punchline. Also making an impression is Asia Martin, a Black woman who builds goodwill throughout the show with her effervescent charms, then exploits it with a cheery demand for money from guilt-ridden white people (complete with her Venmo ID on the screens).

The show ends in a sing-along of an upbeat ditty about making the most of today. It seems fitting for a kinder, more inclusive Second City, where audience members now are told individually, face to masked face, before the show that bigoted suggestions aren’t welcome. That’s a goal that’s noble, and surely can coexist with being smarter and funnier.

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Austin shootout investigation restarts despite heated Foxx-Lightfoot meeting that failed to heal tattered relationshipMatthew Hendricksonon October 15, 2021 at 9:22 pm

Pat Nabong and Ashlee Rezin/Chicago Sun-Times

Evidence still being processed in the case could potentially lead to charges against two alleged members of the Body Snatchers, sources said.

An investigation into a brazen and deadly shootout in Austin described as being “like the wild west” is still continuing despite charges in the case initially having been rejected by Cook County prosecutors.

That rejection earlier this month spurred a public feud between State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and Mayor Lori Lightfoot last week, with Lightfoot saying the city could descend into “chaos” if Foxx didn’t hold the suspects accountable and revealing she had reached out to federal prosecutors to go around the state’s attorney’s office for charges.

Foxx responded that she was “mortified” that Lightfoot, a former federal prosecutor, discussed the case publicly and said Lightfoot wasn’t telling the truth about the strength of the evidence detectives brought to her office.

Little was accomplished during a private meeting last week between Lightfoot, Foxx, Police Supt. David Brown and Chief of Detectives Brian Deenihan, except possibly a halt to the public back-and-forth between the two women.

A spokesman for U.S. Attorney John Lausch confirmed earlier this week that the mayor had called about the shooting but declined to comment further. However, no one from the U.S attorney’s office has reached out to the county, sources in the state’s attorney’s office said, who added they believed it was unlikely federal officials would take on the case.

Foxx’s office has faced criticism multiple times in recent months for rejecting charges in high-profile cases, including the fatal stabbing of 18-year-old Manuel Porties in Schaumburg and separate Northwest Side shootings that killed 19-year-old National Guard member Chris Carvajal and 7-year-old Serenity Broughton.

Serenity’s case made headlines after police were so frustrated by Foxx’s office, they filed charges against a suspect themselves. But hours later top police officials reversed course and had a judge rescind them.

On Wednesday, prosecutors filed murder charges against the original suspect, Aireon Luster, who was ordered held without bail Thursday.

As in some of the previous cases, prosecutors said there wasn’t enough evidence to take the Austin shootout to court. But in that case, police brass and prosecutors were in agreement that the murder and attempted murder charges sought by detectives wouldn’t stick — and told the mayor so at the meeting, a source familiar with what transpired said.

“Everyone shared with the mayor that there is no evidence that was presented to the state’s attorney that allows for charging — even a gun possession charge,” the source said.

“The state’s attorney turned to Brown and said, ‘Superintendent, could I charge on this case?’ Brown said, ‘No.’ She turned to Deenihan [and said], ‘Could I charge on this case?’ And Deenihan said, ‘No,'” the source said.

Sources said Lightfoot appeared to not have been “fully informed” about aspects of the investigation and “made assumptions” based on information that leaked to the media after the case rejection.

Foxx was clearly frustrated with the mayor during the meeting and accused Lightfoot of repeatedly making false statements about the case, including that police could tell from the video who shot first, sources said.

After the meeting the two women issued separate statements pledging to work together to reduce violence. The mayor’s office declined to comment further on the meeting this week.

Pat Nabong/Sun-Times
Chicago police respond to the shooting Oct. 1 in the 1200 block of North Mason.

The gunfight happened the morning of Oct. 1 when two Dodge Chargers driven by members of the Body Snatchers faction of the Four Corner Hustlers drove to the 1200 block of North Mason Avenue and exchanged words with members of the gang’s Jack Boys set, the Sun-Times previously reported. That led to an exchange of gunfire.

A 32-year-old member of the body Snatchers faction was left dead and two others involved were wounded. Police recovered more than 70 shell casings in the block.

While the melee was partially captured by a police POD surveillance camera, sources in the state’s attorney’s office said it would have been impossible to prove who had initiated the violent exchange.

Those involved in the shootout have so far refused to help investigators.

Detectives initially sought murder and attempted murder charges against five suspects in the case.

Prosecutors said there wasn’t evidence to support those charges but asked police if they could provide gunshot residue or fingerprints that might connect the alleged shooters to guns that were later recovered for potential weapons charges, sources said.

Prosecutors were told by detectives at that time that they believed that testing for gunpowder and fingerprints was “futile” and deemed the request the same as “a rejection,” sources said. They told prosecutors “they were done with their investigation,” sources said.

However a law enforcement source said they believed they had presented enough evidence for possession of a stolen motor vehicle or unlawful use of a weapon charges and went to prosecutors to get the suspects locked up as soon as possible.

“We already had enough to charge, and for such violent offenders traditionally the urgency to get them off the street meant something,” the law enforcement source said.

Indeed, in the meeting Oct. 7 where Foxx and Lightfoot were present, police officials told the group that the additional evidence was still being processed. Although there was a “rush” put on analysis of the evidence collected after the shootout and sent to the Illinois State Police crime lab, the results aren’t back yet, the law enforcement source said.

That police had already made arrests also complicated prosecutors’ options at the time cops initially went to them.

“If you make an arrest, the clock starts ticking” on how long you can hold someone without charging, a source with the state’s attorney’s office said.

The suspects were subsequently let go.

A police spokesman declined to comment on the case, saying only that the investigation is ongoing.

Could charges be forthcoming?

But the evidence still being processed could potentially lead to charges against two alleged members of the Body Snatchers, sources said.

Investigators still expect the driver of a stolen Charger that fled the scene and later crashed in Oak Park after the shooting will face felony charges, because multiple guns were found inside the car, including an assault-style rifle, according to the law enforcement source.

That person could potentially be charged with aggravated discharge of a firearm, unlawful use of a weapon and possession of a stolen motor vehicle, that source said.

Another man that suspect dropped off at a hospital in Oak Park could also face similar gun-related charges, if his prints are detected on one of the weapons that were found and ballistic evidence at the scene matches, the source added.

“We’re still perfectly able to ask for charges again when new evidence comes in, and likely will,” the source said.

Contributing: Jon Seidel

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Man charged in FBG Duck murder ordered detainedJon Seidelon October 15, 2021 at 9:24 pm

LaSheena Weekly, mother of Carlton Weekly, who performed as FBG Duck, held a news conference with family and friends near the scene of her son’s fatal shooting in the first block of East Oak Street in the Gold Coast, Friday, Aug. 7, 2020. | Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times file

A federal prosecutor said Tacarlos “Los” Offerd purchased the vehicle used as the “lead car” in the Aug. 4, 2020, murder one week earlier. That vehicle was then returned to the dealership in the suburbs less than an hour after the deadly shooting, he said.

A federal judge ordered the detention Friday of one of five alleged members of the O-Block street gang accused in a racketeering indictment of last year’s broad-daylight Gold Coast murder of rapper FBG Duck, which a prosecutor said is “on video.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jason Julien said Tacarlos “Los” Offerd, 30, purchased the vehicle used as the “lead car” in the Aug. 4, 2020, murder one week earlier. That vehicle was then returned to the dealership in the suburbs less than an hour after the deadly shooting, he said.

FBG Duck, whose real name was Carlton Weekly, was shot to death in the first block of East Oak Street as shoppers milled about. Julien said the rapper was shot at least 38 times, and two other people were also wounded.

The shooting occurred around 4:30 p.m., and Julien said Offerd’s car was returned to the dealership, about a 50-minute drive away, around 5:30 p.m.

Julien also said the car was seen on police POD cameras and license plate readers.

Kendall County Sheriff’s Office
Tacarlos Offerd

An indictment unsealed this week charged Offerd and four others with murder in aid of racketeering. Offerd’s co-defendants are Charles “C Murda” Liggins, 30; Kenneth “Kenny” Roberson, 28; Christopher “C Thang” Thomas, 22; and Marcus “Muwop” Smart, 22.

Offerd, Liggins, Thomas and Smart were arrested early Wednesday morning. Attorneys for Liggins, Thomas and Smart have said they’d likely seek their clients’ release at a later time. Roberson was already in the custody of the Cook County Department of Corrections.

If convicted of the murder charge, the men face a minimum of life in prison and a potential death sentence. They are also charged with assaulting the two unnamed victims as well as firearm offenses.

John Somerville, Offerd’s defense attorney, argued during Friday’s detention hearing that prosecutors had offered “no evidence” that Offerd was involved in the crime.

“Mr. Offerd bought a car,” Somerville said. “Some unknown person was in his car. Some unknown person may have driven downtown.”

But U.S. Magistrate Judge David Weisman, who ordered Offerd detained, noted that a grand jury had already found probable cause to charge Offerd and the others in an indictment.

Julien also told the judge it appeared Offerd had lied to court personnel about his residence and employment status.

Police have said FBG Duck made “derogatory statements toward deceased members of the Black Disciples” on social media, a possible motive for his fatal shooting in the heart of the luxury shopping district on Oak Street.

FBG Duck associated with a faction of the Gangster Disciples street gang called Jaro City, which was based near 62nd Street and Vernon Avenue in West Woodlawn, police said at the time. But on social media, he identified himself as a member of the Gangster Disciples faction called STL/EBT, which is in the same area and mostly friendly with Jaro City.

Police also said last year there was a “high threat level” in an ongoing conflict between those Gangster Disciples and the O-Block faction of the Black Disciples from the Parkway Gardens apartments near 63rd Street and Dr. Martin Luther King Drive.

Odee Perry, a member of a Black Disciples faction in Parkway Gardens, was shot to death in 2011, and the faction was dubbed O-Block in his honor. Perry’s killing sparked a series of retaliatory shootings — including the 2014 murder of Gakirah Barnes, who police say was a female gang assassin for a Gangster Disciples faction in the neighborhood.

FBG Duck was also affiliated with the Fly Boy Gang, a group of rappers.

According to a Chicago Sun-Times story in 2017, his brother Jermaine Robinson was a rapper who went by FBG Brick. He and a friend, Stanley Mack, were shot to death in Woodlawn in July 2017.

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