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Northerly Island Chicago is a 119-acre man made peninsula in Lake Michigan that offers plenty of attractions, food and drink options, accommodations nearby, and other tips for visiting. If you’re seeking to enjoy a live show at Huntington Bank Pavilion or just want to explore this distinctive portion of Chicago’s lakefront, Northerly Island has something for all. From live music venues and restaurants to beer gardens and hotels near by – there’s no shortage of fun things to do here. Come experience all that Northerly Island has to offer today.

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Northerly Island Chicago Overview

Northerly Island is a 119-acre man-made peninsula located on Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois. Once an airport, Northerly Island has since been transformed into a 119-acre urban park situated on Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois that provides visitors with remarkable views of the city’s downtown area and Navy Pier. The island offers visitors stunning views of downtown Chicago, Navy Pier, and other landmarks along the lakefront.

History of Northerly Island:

Northerly Island has a long history dating back to 1837 when it was known as Meigs Field Airport. In 2003, Mayor Richard M. Daley proposed converting the airport into an urban park for public use which led to its transformation in 2008 with plans for development that included natural areas and recreational activities such as kayaking and biking trails. In 2013, Northerly Island Park officially opened with new attractions including beaches, fishing piers, bird watching stations, walking paths and more making it one of Chicago’s most popular outdoor destinations today.

Location & Accessibility:

Northerly Island is conveniently located just south of Soldier Field near downtown Chicago on Lake Michigan’s shoreline between Adler Planetarium and Shedd Aquarium providing easy access by car or public transportation from anywhere in the city. Once on the island, navigating is made effortless by a variety of parking areas located at multiple spots.

Visitors can expect plenty of things to do while visiting Northerly Island including swimming at Ohio Street Beach or taking part in any number of outdoor activities like biking along nature trails or fishing off piers surrounded by spectacular skyline views. There are also events held throughout summer months such as concerts at Huntington Bank Pavilion featuring some top acts from all genres plus food trucks serving up delicious eats for those looking for something tasty after exploring all day.

Northerly Island Chicago is a great place to explore and enjoy the beauty of nature, while also providing plenty of entertainment options. From concerts at Huntington Bank Pavilion to wildlife viewing areas, there are lots of attractions for visitors to experience on Northerly Island. Next, let’s delve deeper into the exciting activities Northerly Island has to offer.

Key Takeaway: Northerly Island is a 119-acre man-made peninsula located on Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois that offers visitors stunning views of the city’s skyline. With easy access from downtown and plenty to do such as swimming at Ohio Street Beach or attending concerts at Huntington Bank Pavilion, Northerly Island Park has become one of Chicago’s hottest outdoor attractions.

Attractions at Northerly Island

Northerly Island is a 91-acre peninsula located in the heart of Chicago. It’s known for its stunning views, outdoor recreation opportunities, and unique attractions. Whether you’re looking to take in a concert at the Huntington Bank Pavilion or explore nature trails with your family, Northerly Island has something for everyone.

The Huntington Bank Pavilion, an open-air amphitheater providing a stage for some of the biggest names in music during the summer season, offers seating for up to 17K people and advanced audio systems. Boasting seating for up to 17,000 and boasting a cutting-edge sound system, the Huntington Bank Pavilion is Chicago’s go-to spot for live music events. In addition to big name acts like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, there are also plenty of smaller shows featuring local artists playing everything from jazz to folk rock.

Nature Trails and Wildlife Viewing Areas:

If you’re looking for something more low key than a concert venue, Northerly Island also offers miles of nature trails perfect for walking or biking through its wetlands area. At Northerly Island, visitors can observe native birds such as osprey and bald eagles, or other wildlife like foxes and beavers in designated bird watching areas. For those seeking a more aquatic experience, kayak rentals are available onsite.

In addition to live music events at Huntington Bank Pavilion and outdoor recreation activities along its nature trails, Northerly Island also hosts special events throughout the year such as movie screenings under the stars during summer nights or holiday light displays during winter months. Other attractions include two playgrounds designed specifically with children in mind plus a variety of educational programs hosted by park rangers which teach kids about environmental conservation efforts taking place across Chicagoland’s lakefront parks system.

Northerly Island offers plenty of attractions for visitors, from the Huntington Bank Pavilion to nature trails and wildlife viewing areas. Moving on, there are also food & drink options available at Northerly Island such as restaurants & bars onsite, picnic areas & BYOB rules, and food trucks & special events.

Key Takeaway: Northerly Island offers a wealth of exciting activities for everyone, from concerts at the Huntington Bank Pavilion to wildlife viewing and nature trails. Visitors can also enjoy seasonal events like movie screenings under the stars or holiday light displays in winter months, plus two playgrounds and educational programs hosted by park rangers.

Food & Drink Options at Northerly Island

Northerly Island offers a delightful opportunity to relish food and drinks while savoring the glorious sights of Lake Michigan. Whether you’re looking for a sit-down meal or just want to grab something quick, there are plenty of options available.

Restaurants & Bars onsite:

The Northerly Island Park has two restaurants that offer delicious meals with spectacular views. The Harbor View Café offers American cuisine like burgers, sandwiches, salads and more. There’s also the Shoreline Brewery which serves up craft beers along with tasty snacks like tacos and nachos. Both the Harbor View Café and Shoreline Brewery offer al fresco dining, allowing visitors to savor their culinary delights with a stunning view.

Picnic Areas & BYOB Rules:

If you’d prefer to bring your own food and drinks, there are several picnic areas located throughout the park where visitors can spread out their blankets and relax by the lakefront. Just remember that alcohol is only allowed if it’s purchased from one of the park’s vendors; no outside alcoholic beverages are permitted at any time.

At Northerly Island, you can enjoy special events featuring local food trucks serving up a variety of tantalizing treats like tacos, ice cream sandwiches and hot dogs. Don’t forget to visit the Northerly Island website for info on any future events that could provide you with delectable snacks like tacos, ice cream sandwiches and hot dogs.

Northerly Island offers a variety of food and drink options to choose from, ranging from restaurants and bars onsite to picnic areas with BYOB rules. Moving onto accommodations near Northerly Island, there are plenty of hotels and vacation rentals nearby as well as camping options in the area.

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Accommodations Near Northerly Island

When seeking lodging in the vicinity of Northerly Island, you have numerous choices. From hotels and vacation rentals nearby to camping in the area, there’s something for everyone.

For a convenient stay close to Northerly Island, you can find several hotels and vacation rentals in the area. For those wanting an upscale experience, TheWit Hotel is just steps away from the park with modern amenities like free Wi-Fi and 24-hour room service. Other nearby accommodations include the Hyatt Regency Chicago as well as Airbnbs in neighborhoods such as Streeterville and River North.

For those seeking an outdoor experience while visiting Northerly Island, there are a plethora of camping spots around Lake Michigan offering breathtaking views of downtown Chicago’s skyline at night. Popular campsites include Montrose Beach Campground with thirty sites and showers/restrooms onsite; Illinois Beach State Park with beachfront camping along the lake; and Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore where campers can take hikes through dune-forested areas and spot wildlife during their stay. Whether you’re looking for luxury or rustic vibes, these campsites have something to offer everyone. Keywords: Outdoor Experience, Camping Spots, Lake Michigan, Breathtaking Views, Downtown Chicago Skyline, Montrose Beach Campground, Illinois Beach State Park, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

No matter the type of stay you seek, be it a lavish hotel or an outdoor camping retreat, ensure your trip is one to remember.

Finding accommodations near Northerly Island is easy with the numerous hotels and vacation rentals in the area. For those looking to plan their visit, it’s important to consider parking options, weather considerations, and safety guidelines before arriving at this Chicago destination.

Key Takeaway: Make your trip to Northerly Island complete with a luxurious stay at one of the many nearby hotels or an outdoor experience in its rustic campgrounds. With breathtaking views and plenty of activities, you’ll have unforgettable memories for years to come.

Tips for Visiting Northerly Island

For those travelling to Northerly Island, it is advisable to consider parking and transportation options beforehand. The island is accessible by car via the Lake Shore Drive bridge or the Metra Electric Line train station at Museum Campus/11th Street. There are also several bike racks located around the island if you choose to ride your bicycle. Parking is available in two lots on Northerly Island – Lot B near Huntington Bank Pavilion and Lot A near Fieldhouse Jones Park. Both lots offer convenient access to all of the attractions onsite, but they can fill up quickly during peak times so be sure to arrive early. Additionally, there are plenty of taxi services and rideshare apps that make getting around Chicago easy and affordable.

In the summertime, it’s important to be prepared for hot temperatures when visiting Northerly Island. Pack items like sunscreen, hats and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun’s rays when visiting Northerly Island in summer. Additionally, keeping an eye on lake levels should always be taken into account due to storms that can arise quickly which may lead to flooding or beach closures because of rip currents or debris washing ashore from high winds or heavy rainfalls.

Key Takeaway: Visiting Northerly Island in Chicago is a breeze when you plan ahead for parking and transportation options. There are two lots available, as well as bike racks, taxi services and rideshare apps to get around the city. Don’t forget to pack your sun protection gear since it can be scorching hot during summertime.

FAQs in Relation to Northerly Island Chicago

Why is it called Northerly Island?

Northerly Island is named after the island located in Lake Michigan just off of Chicago’s shoreline. The island was originally known as “Sands” and was part of a large sandbar that extended from the city’s south side to its north side, creating an almost continuous barrier along the lakefront. It wasn’t until 1929 when it became officially designated as Northerly Island by local officials due to its northerly location relative to downtown Chicago. Today, Northerly Island remains one of Chicago’s most popular outdoor attractions with plenty of activities for visitors including concerts, sporting events, theatre performances and more.

What did Northerly Island used to be called?

Northerly Island was formerly known as Meigs Field, a single-runway airport that operated from 1948 to 2003. It was named after the first mayor of Chicago, Major John H. Meigs Jr., and served mainly general aviation flights in its later years. In March 2003, Mayor Richard M. Daley ordered the destruction of the runway by bulldozers in order to convert it into an artificial peninsula for recreational use such as concerts and festivals. The project took several years but ultimately resulted in Northerly Island becoming one of Chicago’s most popular outdoor attractions with beautiful views of Lake Michigan and downtown Chicago skyline.

Who built Northerly Island?

The Northerly Island Park was built by the Chicago Park District in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and private developers, including McCaffery Interests Inc., James McHugh Construction Co., and Clark Construction Group LLC. The park features a 91-acre manmade peninsula that provides access to Lake Michigan, an amphitheater for concerts, as well as various trails and recreational activities. The peninsula created by the engineers and developers serves as a vital refuge for various wildlife, including birds, fish, turtles, frogs and other aquatic creatures.

Who owns Northerly Island?

The City of Chicago owns Northerly Island. Northerly Island is a 91-acre stretch of land situated in the midst of Chicago’s downtown, neighboring Lake Michigan and just south of Navy Pier. In 2003, the City of Chicago acquired Northerly Island from the U.S Army Corps of Engineers and transformed it into an urban park with recreational areas, nature trails, beaches, picnic grounds and more to host a variety of events throughout the year. There are also numerous events held on Northerly Island throughout the year including concerts, festivals and sporting events like baseball games at Guaranteed Rate Field.


With its 119 acre man-made peninsula, Northerly Island offers plenty of attractions like the Huntington Bank Pavilion as well as food and drink options, nearby hotels and restaurants. Whether you’re visiting for an event or just enjoying some time outdoors in Chicago’s beautiful weather, Northerly Island has something to offer everyone.

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