The Chicago White Sox should consider firing everyoneVincent Pariseon September 26, 2022 at 12:00 pm

Coming into 2022, the Chicago White Sox came in with high expectations. They were supposed to roll over the rest of the American League Central Division and then take a step in the postseason once they got there. Instead, they are going to be watching from home.

They are not mathematically eliminated from the Wild Card chase but their tragic number is three. However, the Cleveland Guardians have clinched their first division title since 2018. It is a sad day for Sox fans but it should be a wake-up call for everyone that holds a position of power there.

It is a team that just went 0-6 on a homestand that they needed to win pretty much every game. It sure looked like they checked out after losing the first game of the series against those Guardians last week. Everything about it is a terrible look for the organization.

Getting swept by the Detroit Tigers following that disappointment that was the Guardians series is a joke and multiple people should lose thier jobs because of it. It is one thing for someone to flat out beat you but it is another when a team clearly checks out.

All people that follow and love this team were disrespected by their performance during the homestand. Losing to a team as bad as the Tigers in this kind of fashion should make each and every person feel bad about the job they did this year.

The Chicago White Sox needs to make some changes ahead of the 2023 season.

Everyone and this means literally everyone, should be considered on the hot seat. Tony La Russa did a terrible job managing this team all season long. Miguel Cairo also failed when they needed him the most.

Rick Hahn put this team together and he should be let go too. He didn’t get to hire his own manager to cap off the rebuild but that isn’t an excuse for this team being as flawed as it has been this year. Kenny Williams should go too.

The players get no pass either. Dylan Cease was the only player that did his job well pretty much every single time he was out there. Guys like Johnny Cueto and Elvis Andrus deserve respect as well. Even a kid like Eloy Jimenez is amazing but he needs to figure out how to stay healthy.

Nobody, even the aforementioned players that had good years when out there, should be considered a lock for next season. Everything needs to be on the table as this team tries to retool ahead of the 2023 year. We can only hope that the right decisions are made.

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