Chicago Bears: It is time to be concerned about Justin FieldsVincent Pariseon September 26, 2022 at 11:00 am

On Sunday, the Chicago Bears defeated the Houston Texans by a final score of 23-20. Roquan Smith made an interception with less than two minutes of the game clock remaining tied at 20.

The Bears were able to run the clock down to just a few seconds and kicked a game-winning field goal. It was a fantastic ending in terms of entertainment.

Unfortunately, this game was bad news for Bears fans but they are going to have a hard time admitting it. Justin Fields was awful and it is time to start worrying. It is still very much in question whether or not he is the guy in the long term.

Yes, he has very minimal help. However, with this many games into the careers of guys like Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and Justin Herbert amongst others, you were able to tell that they have the ability to make others around them better.

It is time for the Chicago Bears to be worried about Justin Fields’s development.

Fields can have a pass for a lot of this season but it is fair to worry about his future. It doesn’t seem, as of yet, that he can go out there and be a game-breaker. In order to win the Super Bowl, you need to have a guy like that under center.

They won the game which is nice but it was on the back of the solid defense, an amazing running game, and the fact that they were playing a really bad team. Fields playing much better in a loss would make most people feel much better about the future of this team.

Justin went 8/17 for 106 passing yards with no touchdowns with two interceptions. He also rushed the ball eight times for 47 yards. It was just not a good game for him at all. The Bears need him to make plays in order to beat good teams.

It is possible that it all clicks for Fields one day soon which is obviously what the Bears are hoping for. He is in his second year with a second head coach and a second offensive coordinator. The team hasn’t helped him out at all which isn’t his fault.

It is also true that Fields wasn’t drafted by the new regime led by first-year GM Ryan Poles. If he doesn’t see improvement soon, he certainly isn’t tied to Fields emotionally as he isn’t the one who made the decision to take a chance on him by trading up.

We can only hope that Fields continues to progress and it starts on the road next week with the New York Giants. That team isn’t very good (on paper) either so it is a good opportunity for him to correct some mistakes. It is time to be worried but we will wait to hit the panic button.

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