The Chicago White Sox continue to reel people back inVincent Pariseon September 16, 2022 at 12:00 pm

2022 has been an incredibly hard year for the Chicago White Sox. They came in with World Series expectations but it just hasn’t gone their way for most of the year. There have been injuries, bad play from certain players, and horrid managing all year long.

With that in mind, the White Sox are not dead yet. However, it wasn’t more than a few days ago that they looked like they were done. The 2022 White Sox always finds a way to pull people back into thinking they have a chance right after it looks over.

A few weeks ago, they were swept by the Arizona Diamondbacks and it looked like they were so done. The 2023 MLB Draft looked more enticing than the 2022 postseason. Then, Tony La Russa left with a medical issue and they went on a run with Miguel Cairo.

Despite going 5-2 on a seven-game road trip, the team they trail in the Cleveland Guardians also stayed hot. Because of a few games in hand, they even gained some ground on the White Sox during that hot streak. It started to make the season feel all but finished.

The Chicago White Sox keep finding ways to make it seem like they have a chance.

Things got even worse when the White Sox were defeated on Wednesday by the lowly Colorado Rockies. Games like that happen but the circumstances made it feel much worse. With the Guardians getting a win on the same day, the deficit in the division became 4.0 games.

Once again, the White Sox seemed to be dead. However, the Sox and Guardians had a makeup game on Thursday. Lance Lynn pitched well and the offense showed up to get the White Sox a big win. The deficit is back down to 3.0 games and they have 3 more with the Guardians next week.

That series is going to be extremely important but they have to go through this weekend series with the very bad Detroit Tigers. Honestly, getting a three-game sweep over them is something that should be considered a must.

It is important for the White Sox to keep winning but it would also be nice to see them get some help from the opponents of the Cleveland Guardians. That hasn’t really happened over the last week or so but there is no better time for it to start happening than now.

The point of this all is that the White Sox just won’t die in 2022. They keep reeling people back in every single time that they appear to have no chance. It is good because they aren’t giving up but it would be nice to see them finally get in first place and stay there.

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