Chicago Bears: There is a lot to learn from Chiefs vs ChargersVincent Pariseon September 16, 2022 at 1:00 pm

The Chicago Bears pulled out a stunning win over the San Francisco 49ers last weekend. They found a way to win a football game under less-than-ideal conditions. They looked bad in the first half but they came back and earned a huge victory.

Now, the Bears are preparing for a huge game against the Green Bay Packers on primetime television. In the meantime, the Bears can learn a lot from watching Thursday night’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers.

This is a marquee matchup in the NFL right now as you get two very good teams led by two very good quarterbacks that know how to make some explosive plays.

Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert are very good players that can impact a game as much as any player in the entire league. At this point, they are both top-five quarterbacks.

The Chicago Bears can learn a lot from the Thursday Night Football game.

In particular, Justin Fields can learn a lot from watching these two. Patrick Mahomes came into the NFL and had success right away in terms of both stats and wins. Justin Herbert, however, has the stats to back up how good he is but the wins haven’t been there in bunches as a result.

Fields can learn from both of them because of this. From Mahomes, he always finds a way to win a football game no matter how he does it. There are times when he needs to look like a superstar and there are times when he just needs to be smart.

From Herbert, there were a few things to take away. For one, he knows how to play well despite his team around him needing to improve. That is something that Justin Fields is going to have to deal with.

Secondly, Herbert was also injured during this game but he didn’t come out. Obviously, he is tough enough to stick it out as he was desperately needed. Fields can learn how to deal with some issues to be there for his teammates.

No elite quarterback in the league right now feels amazing all the time. You just have to battle through. That ability was on full display for both of them in this game but especially Herbert late.

It should also be noted that neither team got off to a great start in the football game. That is something that is going to happen to the Bears’ offense from time to time. How both quarterbacks dealt with it in this game is something that Fields can take away.

Not only can Fields learn from that, but the coaches and rest of the players also can. This is a very hard league to play in and you have to learn how to deal with the ups and downs that you face.

This was a great game that the Kansas City Chiefs barely pulled out in the end. We can only hope that these two continue to put on tremendous battles for years to come.

It would be nice to see the Chicago Bears eventually get on this level because it is amazing to watch. There is a lot to learn from them.

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