Tanta’s Exclusive Warike Dining Experience is an Intimate Journey Through Peruvian History

WARIKE — meaning hidden stew. The word is often used by locals to describe a secret place with amazing food. 

While the word derives from the Quechua language, we are blessed to experience Warike through the lens of a brand new dining experience at Tanta’s cebiche counter from the soul of Executive Chef Roberto Rocha. It’s a perfect harmonious experience as the Chef give his modern take on Peruvian cuisine with influences by Japanese, Chinese, and Italian techniques and flavors.


Tanta happens to be an Editor’s Choice here at UrbanMatter Chicago. We recently had the opportunity to experience Chef Roberto’s delightful collaboration with Chef Patrick of Jinsei Motto at the Tanta x Jinsei Motto 3-day Dining Event this past weekend, in addition to frequent patronage for our monthly dose of Pisco and the Nigiri Trio—highlighted defiantly with the Chef’s Criollo. So, when we caught word that the Chef would be taking three nights per week to map out a culinary journey through Peruvian history we knew it was our obligation to inform you on everything there is to know about this incredible dining experience.

What is it?

Tanta’s Warike Dining Experience


Where is it?

Tanta Chicago 118 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60654

What Can You Expect?

Each guest looking to partake in the Warike Dining Experience will be greeted with a personalized dining menu and welcome drink. The 7-course meal expertly planned & prepared by Chef Roberto will then begin, and guests will explore the story and inspiration behind each dish in a journey guided by their server. There is something beyond the pure unadulterated taste of good food that has the ability to transport you into a different place. There’s an obligation, if you will, that each course provides something unique and memorable in ways other dining experiences cannot. Welcome to Warike.


What’s the Why?

Everything has a why. It’s the core reasoning for almost all decisions we make. Every experience should be just that—an experience with a ‘why’. Tanta is excited to continually share the traditions and flavors of Peru within its new concept, Warike. The why can be complex. Or, like in Tanta’s case, it can very simply derive from centuries of history and tradition all curated perfectly into a love letter; an ode to the hidden gems known for exceptional dishes and experiences the Chef’s Peruvian ancestors shared together. At Tanta, guests are invited to take part in this new culinary adventure designed to take their palates through a journey of experience and education.

When is it?

Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. There will be two slots available per night. The first seating will be at 5:30pm and the second seating will be at 8pm.


Each Warike experience will last approximately 2 hours.

Seating Information

With only two seatings per night, three nights per week, the maximum capacity of participants will be 6 guests per round.


Reservation Process and Pricing

Reservations are necessary for Warike. Guests can pre-book their spot for this dining experience via OpenTable, in addition to calling Tanta at (312) 222-9700. Upon making your reservation, please inform the Tanta team member of any allergies or dietary restrictions. Tanta’s Warike Dining Experience will be $150 per person, to which each guest will receive a personalized menu, a welcome cocktail, along with a 7 course meal. A pairing cocktail option is also available ($45/3 cocktails).

Beverage pairing is available but not mandatory. Dietary and allergy restrictions are not accommodated at this time. If you would like to book all six seats at a future date, please get in touch with us at [email protected].


All images courtesy of Mistey Nguyen


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