Sixty years of The Rolling Stones

Sixty years of The Rolling Stones

July 12, 1962. The Marquee Club, in London. It was the first official gig of The Rolling Stones. This was the setlist from that show, none of which you’re likely to hear at a current Stones concert:

1. “Kansas City”2. “Baby What’s Wrong”3. “Confessin’ the Blues”4. “Bright Lights, Big City”  5. “Dust My Broom”  6. “Down the Road Apiece”  7. “I’m a Love You”8. “Bad Boy”9. “I Ain’t Got You”10. “Hush-Hush”11. “Ride ‘Em on Down”12. “Back in the U.S.A.”13. “Kind of Lonesome”14. “Blues Before Sunrise”15. “Big Boss Man”16. “Don’t Stay Out All Night”17. “Tell Me You Love Me”18. “Happy Home”

Back then they were billed as The Rollin’ Stones. It took a little time for them to drop the apostrophe and add the final g.

It also took a little time for what we think of the original Stones to become that band. The lineup for that first gig at the Marquee included Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones on guitar, Ian Stewart on keyboards, Tony Chapman on drums and Dick Taylor on bass. Bill Wyman replaced Taylor on bass later that year. Charlie Watts took over on drums in January 1963.

There have been many personnel changes over the band’s six decades. Jones, Stewart, Watts and saxophonist Bobby Keys have all passed on. Mick Taylor took over for Jones on guitar for five of the band’s most important and productive years. Ronnie Wood took his place in 1976. Bill Wyman left the group in 1993.

While the band members come and go, the one constant is the music, After sixty years, The Rolling Stones are still playing live music. They’re celebrating their longevity with a summer European tour titled “SIXTY.” It’s fifteen dates over two months, where they play all the songs their fans love and still want to hear. Much different than what the crowd at the Marquee heard sixty years ago tonight.

So here’s to Mick, Keith, Ronnie, and all of the players, past and present, on your sixtieth anniversary. Thanks for the great music and memories. How about ten more years? Okay, maybe five? We’ll take whatever we can get, because….you get what you need.

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