Polish death-metal legends Vader return, proving you can’t keep a bad Sith Lord downon February 14, 2020 at 7:52 pm

Polish death-metal legends Vader have seen many major world changes in their 35 years as a band, some of which have directly impacted their career. Following the fall of the Iron Curtain in the early 90s, for instance, they became the first Polish death-metal band to sign a record contract with a Western label. They’ve since been reliably prolific, bringing a sense of martial discipline to every track they lay down. On last year’s Thy Messenger EP (Nuclear Blast), they package their talents for circle-pit thrash and sweeping, primal death into a neat bonbon of a release. The record includes a rerecording of the pile-driving title track from their 2000 album, Litany, that enhances the multiple-buzz-saw-orchestra quality of its guitar sound and perfecting its pummeling drums. Vader have a busy year ahead, with the release of their 16th studio full-length, Solitude in Madness, on the horizon. Though they haven’t announced a date yet, they’ve dropped the new single “Shock and Awe,” with an official lyric video that’s as gloriously retro in its flame effects as the song is of-this-moment in its raw force. The album also includes “Emptiness” and “Despair” from Thy Messenger, and “Emptiness” is reportedly one of only two slow numbers–come ready to rumble at high speed. Vader are also planning anniversary events in celebration of their classic albums–De Profundis turns 25 this year–but I expect their set at this show to mix older tunes with previews of their upcoming material. Also on the bill are LA’s solidly vicious Abysmal Dawn, Italy’s cleverly horror-inspired Hideous Divinity, Portland’s sadistic Vitriol, and Chicago’s fantastically grand and crunchy Blood of the Wolf, who show off their blackened-death chops on the recent EP III: Blood Legend. v

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