Dorian Electra’s Flamboyant is an ode to being extraon February 14, 2020 at 8:06 pm

With their ruffled shirts, baggy Tripp pants, and signature painted-on mustache, Dorian Electra always look like they’re ready for a goth meetup at the Renaissance Faire. The nonbinary pop star is all about being too much, and though they’re still a relative newcomer, that energy has already earned them a fervent indie-pop following. Electra’s debut album, last year’s Flamboyant, consists of 11 energetic hyperpop tracks that explore a wild array of sounds and subjects: The campy “Career Boy” satirizes cubicle culture, and “Live by the Sword” (cowritten by 100 Gecs’ Dylan Brady) sounds like a backing track for an intergalactic joust. But the best example of Electra’s maximalist style is the album’s title track–an ode to going “all the way” that features over-the-top Auto-Tuned vocals, sweeping piano melodies, striking synth chords, and spicy whip cracks. The music video plays out like a Liberace fever dream: champagne, candelabras, sequins, and feathers abound, while Electra lounges in front of a roaring fire in a red silk robe. They’ve released videos for five Flamboyant tracks so far, and each is worth a watch; their songs are solid, and their sense of theatrics makes them even more fun. Electra’s most recent tour involved dramatic fashion, backup dancers, and crowd surfing–they even hired two sword fighters to serve as an opening act in London. This show offers another chance to spend an evening in Electra’s dreamy, chaotic world. v

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