Nick Madrigal should follow Chicago Cubs’ Frank Schwindel to AAAVincent Pariseon May 9, 2022 at 4:16 pm

The Chicago Cubs are off to a disastrous start in the 2022 season. They don’t have any chance of competing this year and the future doesn’t appear to be particularly bright. They have a few players that are nice trade bait to rebuild the roster but there is more to the issue.

This team already sent down Frank Schwindel. That is not something that anybody saw coming after the way that he dominated at the end of last season. However, if he is being held accountable, everyone should be too.

The Chicago Cubs acquired Nick Madrigal and Codi Heuer in the trade that sent Craig Kimbrel to the Chicago White Sox last year. It appears as if the Cubs won that trade because Kimbrel ended up not being very good and they already traded him to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Codi Heuer is out for the year after Tommy John so it is all on Nick Madrigal right now. Well, if Pollock hits the way that he’s proven that he can, maybe the White Sox actually won the trade by simply being better at asset management.

Nick Madrigal needs to follow Frank Schwindel to AAA if he continues to be bad.

It is a conversation at all because Madrigal has been brutal too. If Schwindel is getting sent to AAA, Madrigal should be right behind him. He has been awful. His batting average is supposed to be his strength as a slap hitter so hitting .213 is brutal.

He has absolutely no power in his bat which is evident by that OPS of .516. The OPS is also low because he is getting on base at a horrid clip of .263. Something is very wrong with him right now. Sending him to AAA would not only hold him accountable but also help him get back on track.

Madrigal was the perfect nine-hitter when he was with the White Sox before the injury/trade and that is not the guy we have seen this year at all. His defense and base running has left a lot to be desired as well which makes his lack of offense even worse. He hasn’t really provided anything.

The Cubs are in big trouble. Madrigal is supposed to be one of those guys that play second base for them for a long time but right now he is looking like someone who doesn’t belong in a Major League lineup at all.

Cubs fans better hope that this guy figures it out quickly or they are in trouble. As mentioned before, he should be right behind Schwindel if he keeps up this horrid level of play in all areas of the game.

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