Mogwai celebrate 25 years of postrock exploration with As the Love ContinuesShannon Nico Shreibakon February 24, 2021 at 12:00 pm

Mogwai have never presented themselves as a sentimental band, but the (mostly) instrumental Scottish postrock group are leaning into nostalgia to commemorate their 25th year: they’re releasing their tenth studio album, As the Love Continues, almost exactly a quarter-century after their debut single, “Tuner” b/w “Lower.” Though the new record explores novel musical channels of the electronic persuasion, Mogwai also remain loyal to some of their own traditions—most notably by enlisting producer Dave Fridmann (a founding member of Mercury Rev), with whom they’ve worked on several catalog highlights, including 1999’s Come on Die Young and 2001’s Rock Action. As the Love Continues was constructed remotely—the players recorded their parts in the UK, and Fridmann primed and polished them in the U.S.—but that ocean of separation can’t be heard or felt anywhere in its hour of music.…Read More

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