Matt Forte: “The Bears are definitely cheap”

Matt Forte was somewhat critical of the Chicago Bears while commenting on Roquan Smith’s situation.

Ten days ago, Roquan Smith requested a trade from the Chicago Bears. Smith claims that the organization refuses to recognize his true value. You can view Smith’s full statement here.

Many analysts and former players have commented on the ongoing situation. Former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher made his thoughts clear as soon as this situation became public. Urlacher urged the Bears to pay Smith.

Former Bears running back Matt Forte is the latest to share his thoughts on the Roquan Smith hold-in. Forte was with the Bears for eight seasons, and only Walter Payton has more all-time rushing yards with the franchise. Forte went on 670 The Score and commented on Roquan Smith, players, and their negotiations.

“I respect him standing his ground and being like, ‘Look, I need to get paid,’ because you can get hurt any day.” Forte continued, “And if you get hurt and they cut you, then they just release you and be like, ‘Well, you’re injured. You’re not the same guy anymore.’ So, you have to use your leverage as a player.”

Many former players have made it clear that they are on Roquan Smith’s side in this ordeal. Roquan has made it clear that he wants to play for Chicago, whether or not a deal actually gets done remains to be seen. Matt Forte also commented on what might be holding up a potential deal, and it’s something that Bears fans know all too well.

“The Bears, they are definitely cheap, and they give guys a hard time,” Forte said. “I don’t know, they pay a lot of guys who don’t deserve the money, and sometimes the guys who do deserve it, they don’t pay them.”

With the regular season only weeks away, this situation will need to be resolved quickly. Thankfully, one insider hinted that it may be resolved soon. Hopefully, the cheapness that Matt Forte referenced doesn’t get in the way of the Bears and Roquan Smith coming to an agreement.

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