Chicago Bears: Justin Fields was solid on his only drive vs SeahawksVincent Pariseon August 19, 2022 at 6:31 pm

The Chicago Bears haven’t ever had a quarterback develop into a franchise guy. They thought that trading for Jay Cutler or drafting Mitchell Trubisky would be a solution but neither of them panned out. Now, they are hoping that Justin Fields is the guy.

Of course, his rookie season didn’t go well with Matt Nagy at the helm but the new regime is committed to getting him going in the right direction. He has the tools to be that guy but he needs to put them together on the field to be successful.

The 2022 season is going to be a big test for him. It is all getting going in the preseason as he gets ready for week one against the San Francisco 49ers. He was okay in the first exhibition game against the Kansas City Chiefs and was looking to improve in the second one this week.

Fields only played in one drive in this game on Thursday but he was very good. He connected on five of his seven passing attempts for a total of 39 yards. They aren’t numbers that jump off the page but it is clear that he is grasping what they are trying to do with the offense.

Justin Fields looke pretty good in his only preseason week two drive of the night.

One of the best parts of the game was the fact that Fields clearly is developing a great connection with Cole Kmet. The Bears drafted Kmet in the second round out of Notre Dame in 2020 with the hopes that he can be one of those great tight ends in the NFL.

It is very important that Fields can use his tight ends to his advantage and Kmet is the best option on the team right now. If these two are able to keep their chemistry going, there will be multiple good options for Fields on each and every play that they run.

Fields is going to continue being given everything he needs to succeed in the NFL as the years go on. It is evident in the first two preseason games that their offensive line needs some help but he has the ability to use his legs to make plays.

We should see Fields a lot more than one drive in the final preseason game against the Cleveland Browns next week. That is the final dress rehearsal before the season opener on September 11th.

Hopefully, these flashes of brilliance are signs of things to come for Fields and the offense. It might not translate to wins in 2022 but it should translate into great development.

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