Man fatally shot his girlfriend’s son following argument over loud music: prosecutorson November 26, 2020 at 1:52 am

A 38-year-old man is accused of killing his girlfriend’s son last month after the two got into an argument about the younger man playing loud music at their West Pullman home.

Steven Johnson allegedly felt disrespected on Oct. 15 when he shot 24-year-old Sherrod Taylor in the basement of the home they were sharing in the 11700 block of South Indiana Avenue, Cook County prosecutors said.

Johnson had asked his girlfriend to tell her son to turn his music down that evening, which Taylor initially did by turning the music off, prosecutors said.

But shortly after, Taylor turned the music back on, leading to an argument between the two men, prosecutors said.

Saying he “had something” for Taylor, Johnson allegedly went to the kitchen and got a revolver.

The two tussled over the weapon on the basement stairs, allegedly leading Johnson to fire once, striking Taylor in the left shoulder, prosecutors said.

Steven Johnson
Steven Johnson
Chicago police

Johnson ran past the boy’s mother as he fled from the apartment after the shooting, saying he had “F—— up,” and later called police and allegedly reported that the boy had shot himself, prosecutors said.

Taylor was taken to Roseland Community Hospital, where he died, according to Chicago police. An arrest warrant was issued for Johnson and he was taken into custody Tuesday.

“There was obviously a struggle over the gun and we’re going to suggest there certainly is a basis for self defense here,” Johnson’s defense attorney said in court.

Judge John F. Lyke Jr. reprimanded Johnson for not being able to control his anger and called the situation that led to the shooting “utter nonsense”

Lyke ordered Johnson, a convicted felon who the judge noted should never have been in possession of a gun, held without bail.

Johnson was expected back in court Dec. 15.

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