Leury Garcia is ruining the Chicago White Sox in 2022Vincent Pariseon June 26, 2022 at 3:00 pm

Leury Garcia is the longest-tenured player on the Chicago White Sox. To be honest, that is a disgusting disgraceful thing to say about this organization. He is an incredibly nice man and a very hard worker. Anybody who denies that doesn’t watch the games.

However, he doesn’t belong on a Major League roster anymore. Unfortunately, the White Sox not only have him on their roster but he plays in most of their games. He has played most positions on the diamond both in his career and this season.

So far in 2022, he is ruining their chance to win on a daily basis. He has a batting average below .200, he makes a lot of errors when he plays second base (which is the one position of need for the White Sox), and he has a negative WAR.

A lot of this was on full display during Saturday’s loss to the Baltimore Orioles. He did manage to have a hit and a walk which is a miracle. However, when he finally has a game where he reaches base twice, he decides to have his worst defensive game as a pro.

The Chicago White Sox are going nowhere and Leury Garcia is a big reason. why.

Garcia had one official error in the game during the sixth inning but he messed up a few other routine plays which allowed Baltimore to extend innings and score runs. This guy simply hurts the team so much more than he helps it.

All of these are examples of things that would have a contender moving on from him but the White Sox don’t act like contenders. To be honest, they don’t look like it anymore either. Leury Garcia is one of the things ruining their chance at being good this year.

The White Sox are 15-29 in games that Leury Garcia started this season. That is not good. That is a pace of a 57-win team. However, they are 18-8 in games where Garcia doesn’t play. Those are both relatively small sample sizes but the numbers there are not looking good at all.

Chicago is not a healthy team as some big-time players are out but they are deep enough to avoid using Garcia this much. There are Minor League players (including Lenyn Sosa who is already up with them) that can help more. This Leury Garcia experiment needs to end soon.

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