A Look At The Week That Was. Donald Trump Emails Donny Jr.

A Look At The Week That Was. Donald Trump Emails Donny Jr.

Donald Trump in Illinois–photo courtesy Chicago Tribune

Les is More readers: I found this email in my inbox this morning. I don’t know who leaked it to me, but thanks.

Hey Donny,

What a week, hey? It’s the hugest since the Dems and Libtards and the LGBTQholes “stole” the election.

Just think, it is almost two years later and half the country still believes that bullshit. But as long as it keeps adding to my bottom line and keeps these idiot hicks chanting my name we’ll keep pushing the story. Good thing they aren’t watching the Congressional faux hearings, not that those cretins would understand a thing being said.

Speaking of those hayseeds, I just spent the day in Quincy, Illinois endorsing morons. What a shithole downstate Illinois is. Christ, it’s practically Iowa. If they allowed abortions after incest the population would be zero.

And while incest family is on my mind, what do you think of that crap from Ivanka? Doesn’t she know that if she stops the steal story she stops my money machine? And if she stops my money machine she stops the cash flow into her trust. What an airhead. She’s gotten to be as goofy as Jared, not that she was ever particularly bright.

How’s Kimmy? Still hot?

Gotta love the Supreme Court though. Thanks to my humongous nominations of Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and that Coney Barrett chick I get to take the credit, not that I give a rat’s ass about abortion rights. If I get anyone in ‘the family way” I can still fly ’em off to some other country for the necessaries…you don’t have to worry about any new brother or sister brats. I made THAT mistake 16 years ago.

But how about those back-stabbers McConnell and McCarthy letting some new gun legislation pass? I haven’t read it but I hate it. Like I said before, I could shoot either of them on Time Square and not lose a single vote. MTG would probably pin a medal on my chest–not that I would let that face within ten feet of me.

OK, I’m tired of writing. Carlson is on.


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