Jonathon Toews and Patrick Kane: The captivating duo of Blackhawks champions

Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane have been at the forefront of trade rumors.

Jonathan Toews was drafted in 2006, 3rd overall,  in the first round, who had a bright future ahead of him. The next year, Patrick Kane was picked 1st overall, in the first round in 2007.

As the years progressed, so did both their respective careers, that has molded into an international all-star champions list, which will represent the City of Chicago for years to come.,

Prior to the Stanley Cup year, during the 2008/2009 season, both Patrick Kane and the current Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews were starting to produce and develop that chemistry. Which would indeed result in many notable championship wins in their respective careers to date.


Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews – Chicago Bears (Never)

The #Blackhawks stars played on the field during #DaBears October 5, 2015 game vs. the Oakland Raiders, during which the 2015 Stanley Cup Champion team was honored.

— Legends In The Wrong Uniforms (@WrongUnis) August 24, 2022

Along with a beautiful skating ability from both on-ice that complimented Marian Hossa’s game as the veteran on the first-line, playing as that experienced winger on the championship team in the 2009/2010 season.

Their games had evolved at such elite levels, for Jonathan Toews, it is his leadership qualities and take charge attitude. With a command of the game on-ice that took his game to another level of play that was genuinely complimented by Patrick Kane’s style of gameplay.

For Patrick Kane, it was his deciphering sniper ability on-ice to produce points consistently, and wreak havoc on-ice against opposing teams. Where he got the grit and heavy fore checking ability from his counterpart Jonathan Toews.

Possessing quite talent was in fact inspiring for many children who aspire to play hockey, especially in the Chicago area, but all around North America. And now, the world overall to say the least.

The Blackhawks’ organization had won three championship’s under the belt’s of the captivating duo, who for in one’s opinion, are a staple to the City of Chicago as representatives of the game of hockey.

The trade rumor’s and the attitude may not be there as of now from either the player’s, or the media. Even the fans are weighing in on the topic heavily and have a mixed opinion in regard to the subject.

To lose two monumental player’s, especially in the history books of the Blackhawks organization and the City of Chicago itself, would be a sad day in sports.

Both of these gentlemen have played their careers here in Chicago since it began, and in one’s opinion, as a hockey fan would like to see them respectfully retire in Chicago.

The amount of love and dedication both men have put forth into the team, and the years spent mean a lot to the fans and to watch them go would be outright devasting to say the least.

The Blackhawks’ team is rebuilding at the moment and now would be the time for both leader’s to take the team forward in that stage prior to them making any career changes for the better.

Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane mean so much to the organization and fans, it would not make sense for them to leave in a unfashionable way, which would genuinely impact the outcome in one’s opinion.

To think Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane would want a trade, and not want to be part of a rebuild, would take away from their credibility as player’s, and the character they have built in this city.

Keeping them here would mean a lot and mainly help the prospects maintain there confidence level intact that would not be deterred by the news of the two being traded or signing elsewhere.

This city is the home of the great Toews and Kaner, and would never let them leave without putting up a fight!



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