Bandcamp Fridays are back again—at least for the rest of 2022

It’s been four months since we’ve had a Bandcamp Friday. In case you’ve somehow forgotten, Bandcamp introduced them shortly after COVID-19 eliminated stateside touring in March 2020, and they’ve since become something of a tradition, helping countless musicians make ends meet without their usual road money. For the 24 hours of each Bandcamp Friday, the digital music retailer passes along its customary share of revenue to the independent artists and labels who sell through it. 

The pandemic hasn’t ended, despite the messages constantly telegraphed by our capitalist infrastructure, by our governments’ tepid response to the evolving nature of COVID-19, and even by our fellow citizens’ widespread hostility toward basic safety precautions. But plenty of efforts intended to blunt the harms of the pandemic have been scaled back or eliminated. In May, when Bandcamp let the last scheduled Bandcamp Friday pass without announcing more, I didn’t want to assume that they were gone for good. But I wouldn’t have been surprised if they just quietly stopped. 

Thankfully, a couple weeks ago Bandcamp CEO Ethan Diamond announced more Bandcamp Fridays through the end of the year. The 23rd Bandcamp Friday is September 2. 

As usual, I’m using the occasion to highlight the Reader’s music coverage. We expend a lot of our resources writing about independent and underground artists, many of whom sell their music on Bandcamp. I’ve compiled a list of the 130 Bandcamp releases we’ve mentioned since May, which doubles as a snapshot of our coverage (though it’s missing the stories from our first-ever Sound Issue, which we published after the most recent Bandcamp Friday). If 130 recommended releases somehow isn’t enough for you, my May 2022 post has a link at the bottom of the intro that’ll lead you back through all the previous lists—and through a lot of excellent writing about all that music. Clicking on any title will take you to our coverage of it.

8-Bit Creeps, Dress for the Future

Adult., Becoming Undone

Andlace, Fabrik

Así Así, Mal de Otros

Asian Glow & Weatherday, Weatherglow

Aweful, “No Avail”

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Elizabeth A. Baker, Quadrivium

Bev Rage & the Drinks, Exes & Hexes

Jeb Bishop, Jaap Blonk, Weasel Walter, and Damon Smith, Pioneer Works Vol. 2

Bitchin Bajas, Switched on Ra

Black Magnet, Body Prophecy

Black Seinfeld, Season 1

Namir Blade, Metropolis

Blinker, Adult Hits

Boulevards, Electric Cowboy: Born in Carolina Mud

Boybrain, In the Company of Worms

Jaimie Branch’s Fly or Die, Fly or Die, Fly or Die II: Bird Dogs of Paradise, Fly or Die Live

Bridey, “Better Luck Next Time”

Arthur Brown, Long Long Road

Cave In, Heavy Pendulum

Cellular Chaos, Diamond Teeth Clenched

Chicago Soul Jazz Collective with Dee Alexander, On the Way to Be Free

Clamm, Care

Claude, A Lot’s Gonna Change

Conjunto Primitivo, Morir y Renacer

Jeremy Cunningham, Dustin Laurenzi, and Paul Bryan, A Better Ghost

The Curls, Smothered & Covered

Daddy’s Boy, Great News!

DakhaBrakha, Alambari

Dehd, Blue Skies

Jorrit Dijkstra, Jeb Bishop, Pandelis Karayorgis, Nate McBride, and Luther Gray, Cutout

Dissonant Dessert, Absurd, Obscene!

Djunah, Ex Voto

Doctor Nativo, Guatemaya

Drasii, “Memory”

Dwaal Troupe, Lucky Dog

Em Spel, The Carillon Towers

Evicshen, Hair Birth

F.A.B.L.E., Green Room

Famous Laughs, Total Icon

Flamingo Rodeo, Pontoon

The Flying Luttenbachers, Terror Iridescence

Friko, Whenever Forever

Fury, “I Won’t,”“Taking It Back,”“Revolution”

Diamanda Galás, Broken Gargoyles

Gentle Heat, Sheer

Gilt Drip, Earthly Concepts

Heet Deth & Zeetus Lapetus, “We Should Have a Party”

Horsegirl, Versions of Modern Performance

Hulder, The Eternal Fanfare

I AM, Beyond

Susie Ibarra & Tashi Dorji, Master of Time

Glenn Jones, Vade Mecum

Rich Jones & Iceberg Theory, Smoke Detector

Simon Joyner, Songs From a Stolen Guitar

’Kechi, ’Kechi Tunez

Kikagaku Moyo, Kumoyo Island

Kill Scenes, “Acid Black Window”

Lifeguard, Crowd Can Talk, “Pinkwater,”“Taking Radar” b/w “Loose Cricket”

Lilac, Lilac

Liquids, Life Is Pain Idiot

Lucy Liyou, Welfare/Practice

Locrian, New Catastrophism

Lollygagger, Total Party Kill

Long Odds, Fine Thread

Los Bitchos,Let the Festivities Begin!

Lynyn, Lexicon

Erica Dawn Lyle & Vice Cooler, Land Trust: Benefit For NEFOC

Nick Macri & Mono No Aware, Amache

Makaya McCraven, Deciphering the Message

Mengers, Golly

Dave Miller, Daughter of Experience

Mister Goblin, Bunny

Mizmor & Thou, Myopia

!Mofaya!, Like One Long Dream

Moor Mother, Jazz Codes

Mystery Actions, “War Beat”

Marissa Nadler, The Path of the Clouds

Angel Olsen, Big Time

Oneida, Success

Organ Failure, Neurologic Determination of Death

Oui Ennui, Abyss, You Are My Mother

Paranoid London, Paranoid London

Pelt, Reticence/Resistance

Petrol Girls, Baby

Dougie Poole, The Freelancer’s Blues

Post Office Winter, Music Box, Songs for a Scientist

R.A.P. Ferreira, The Light Emitting Diamond Cutter Scriptures

Racetraitor, 2042

Rat Tally, In My Car

Rezn, Chaotic Divine

Jessica Risker, “The Waves”

Rlyr, Rlyr

Saint Icky & Please, Green New Deal

Klaus Schulze, Deus Arrakis

Aram Shelton, Everything for Somebody

Sidewalk Chalk, An Orchid Is Born

Snow Ellet, Glory Days

Sol Patches, Ordinary Circles

Stations, “Climate of Violence

Charles Stepney, Step on Step

Stress Positions, Walang Hiya

Sumac, May You Be Held

Temple of Void, Summoning the Slayer

These Arms Are Snakes, Duct Tape & Shivering Crows

Ron Trent, What Do the Stars Say to You

Ufomammut, Fenice

Matt Ulery, Become Giant

Various artists, The Chicago Boogie, Vol. 3

Various artists, On Life: Vol. 3

Various artists, Porcelain Songs: A Weathercord Compilation

Daniel Villarreal, Panamá 77

Virgin Mother, Dialect

Steve Von Till, A Deep Voiceless Wilderness

Wailin Storms, The Silver Snake Unfolds

Weatherday, Come In

Dan Whitaker, One More Story Told

Wilco, Cruel Country

Eli Winter, Eli Winter

Wovenhand, Silver Sash

Zango the Third, Dog Tooth

Denny Zeitlin & George Marsh, Telepathy

Denny Zeitlin with George Marsh and Mel Graves, The Name of This Terrain

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