Four cast members leaving is not the end of Saturday Night Live

Four cast members leaving is not the end of Saturday Night Live

Aidy Bryant- 10 seasons. Kate McKinnon-10 seasons. Kyle Mooney-9 seasons. Pete Davidson-8 seasons.

Last Saturday was the season finale of Saturday Night Live. It also marked the final appearances for the above four cast members. It was a great run for them. All had many memorable moments.

Since the word leaked that they were leaving, I’ve read multiple stories stating that this will mark the end of SNL. My one-word response to this….RIDICULOUS!

Saturday Night Live began its almost five-decade run in 1975. By 1980, the legends of the original cast had all left. Chase, Belushi, Ackroyd, Murray, Curtain, Radner, Morris and Newman all moved on. Even Lorne Michaels was gone. And yet the show continued.

In the forty-two years since then, we’ve seen the same scenario occur over and over and over again. Actors come, stay a while, leave and they’re replaced with new cast members. The only thing that stays constant is the show is live and in the same 11:30 eastern time slot.

So if you’re stressed that this is the end of SNL, don’t sweat it. History shows us that there will always be changes and despite those changes, the show will return in September or October.

For those leaving, thanks for the years of laughs. For those returning, see you in the fall. Enjoy your summer.

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