Analyst lists Khalil Mack trade as one of NFL offseasons most "impactful” trades

The Chicago Bears shook up the roster in the 2022 offseason by trading Khalil Mack

This offseason, the Chicago Bears have been making a bevy of roster changes. Led by new general manager Ryan Poles, the Bears traded fan-favorite Khalil Mack to the Los Angeles Chargers. The Bears received a 2022 2nd round draft pick, and a 6th round 2023 pick.

Safety Jaquan Brisker, out of Penn State, was drafted by the Bears with the 2022 pick acquired from the trade from the Chargers.

Jeffri Chadiha, a columnist for, put the Mack trade on his list of ten most impactful trades from the offseason. Here’s what Chadiha wrote:

“The Chargers needed to bolster an underwhelming defense, which is why Mack ranks so high here. Everybody knew the Chargers had issues stopping the run in 2021. Mack helps there. Pro Bowl defensive end Joey Bosa needed a pass-rushing counterpart. Mack is a difference-maker there, as well. For all the skeptics who point to the foot surgery that ended his season after seven games last year, the 31-year-old Mack still had six sacks before going on injured reserve. He’s also earned six Pro Bowl nods (most recently in 2020) and been a disruptive force on every defense he’s joined. The Chargers made a lot of moves to improve their defense. Mack will make good on his end of the deal.”

Losing a veteran’s leadership

This trade, while frustrating for Bears fans and players (Bears linebacker Trevis Gipson said he was bothered by the news of the trade.) who enjoyed seeing Mack’s veteran experience on the team, will be beneficial for both franchises. The Chargers will add depth to their pass-rushing scheme. Mack will have a chance to contend for the Super Bowl. Chadiha mostly mentioned how the trade would help the Chargers, but the move will help the Bears as well.

The Bears added a solid safety in Brisker, who will likely start this season. Some national analysts are already putting the Bears’ secondary as one of the most improved units with the addition of Brisker and cornerback Kyler Gordon. The Bears will be able to see the full fruit of the trade next year in the 6th round.

Mack, at age 31, is probably a little too old to lead the Bears in their quest to “remodel” the team. He added a lot of pressure in the pass rush but didn’t put up great numbers in recent years. Mack hasn’t had double-digit sack years since 2018 and has been plagued by injuries recently. Dead space will hurt this year for the Bears, but it will free up cap space for the next three seasons, 28.5 million alone in 2023.

Bears could trade more

Rumors are going around that the Bears are still looking to shop pass rushers from the 2021 squad. The Bears should look to see if they can get good value for Robert Quinn. His stock will likely never be higher after his 2021 total of 18.5 sacks.

While the value the Bears got via the trade to the Chargers was too low, especially in comparison to what they gave up to get him (two first round picks and more), the Bears will be better off in the next few years with the free cap space and Brisker pick.

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