Choosing the Right Retirement Gift for a Long-Time Employee: 8 Tips

Choosing the Right Retirement Gift for a Long-Time Employee: 8 Tips

Retiring is an exciting point in a person’s life. After a rewarding career, they now have time to rest on all their hard work. While you’re sad to lose them, a long-time employee has rewarded you with a job well done. So what can you do to thank them back?

Finding a great gift can be challenging. What can you give to show how much you appreciate and respect them? Here are eight ideas that let retiring employees know how thankful you are for their time.

1. E-Reader

With all the time available to them, consider getting someone retiring an e-reader. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that people 65 and older read nearly two hours daily. During their time at your business, you’ve likely been able to deduce if they’re an avid reader. Even someone who likes to flip through a magazine can appreciate the convenience and sustainability of an e-reader. 

This would also be a great gift for retirees who plan to travel. You could get them a few books with travel guides and tips to help them plan their next adventure.

2. Drink Essentials

Someone retiring might appreciate a gift reflecting the comfort of this thrilling life event. In that case, you could prepare a basket with mixology items to give them a fancier way to make cocktails around the house. Does the retiree enjoy coffee more than any other drink? 

Gift them some products or appliances so they can spend time crafting their favorite drink every morning. They’ll love the different flavors and mixes achievable with whichever assortment of items you choose.

3. Flowers

A lovely bouquet is always a nice send-off. Whether you go all-in on a dazzling display or pair them with another present, flowers are an excellent way to show your retiree you care. 

Gifting them a flower press so they can preserve the memory of this momentous occasion would also be a wonderful surprise. You could even go the extra mile and learn about the language of flowers to give them a personalized goodbye message.

4. Big-Ticket Items

Giving your employee a larger gift can show how much you want to thank them for everything they’ve accomplished. A piece of jewelry or a nice watch can help them retire in style while knowing you appreciated their work. They may also love a high-quality pen or an engraved crystal with their photo in it. A gift card for a vacation-rental service to fund a relaxing trip might be another outstanding idea.

Bigger gifts like these can give your thanks to employees who have spent a long time with you in a significant way.

5. Scrapbook

If your retiree has been there for a very long time, you most likely have some photos of them at work or during team-building activities. Remind them how much you mean to the workplace community with a scrapbook of their time there. 

You could begin with photos of their early days with you and include big moments in their career. Have other employees write notes about how much they’ll miss having them around.

This is a fantastic way to display all the memories your retiree has made during their time with you. Warm their hearts with this physical representation of their hard work.

6. Subscription Box

To give them a few rewards in one, get your retiring employee a subscription box to something they love. They range from fashion to meals, so you have plenty to choose from. 

These subscriptions change what they send out each month, so your retiree will enjoy a wide selection of their favorite things for however long they receive the packages. For something familiar and new, purchase someone who’s retiring a few months of a subscription box.

7. Golf Clubs

Something about retiring and golfing goes hand-in-hand. For employees who love to get out on the green, upgrade their equipment with new clubs. If it’s something they’ve never tried before but want to get into, gifting them a set can encourage them to hit the course. 

You could even offer them some lessons or schedule some times to golf with them. With a gift like this, you and others in the company can connect with your employee throughout their retirement.

8. Party 

Along with whatever you decide to get them, throwing a small retirement party can help your retiree feel appreciated. Even for those who might not like parties, asking them ahead of time if it’s something they want will show them you care about their needs. 

A party would be the perfect opportunity to give them a gift or spend time reminiscing with everyone about work. Planning in advance can also help the event go smoothly.

Reward Your Long-Time Employee’s Retirement

After many years of ups, downs and everything in between, your long-time employees deserve a grand farewell. Along with gifts and celebrations, making time to reconnect with retirees can help them feel like they were a big part of your company. Choose the perfect retirement gift to thank your employees for everything they accomplished.

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