3 free agents who could immediately start on the Chicago BearsRyan Heckmanon June 14, 2022 at 12:22 pm

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This late in the offseason, you typically start to see teams agree to terms with additional veteran free agents. The Chicago Bears are a team that could desperately use some more help, so going this route wouldn’t be surprising.

The Bears have gone the slower route in terms of building this roster in year one of Ryan Poles’ reign.

But, there are still a good amount of veteran free agents that Poles could choose to sign in order for this team to be competitive.

What’s interesting about this idea, too, is that the Bears are one of the few teams fortunate to have a chunk of cap space left over. At the moment, the Bears have just over $24 million in cap space after the release of linebacker Jeremiah Attaochu.

Signing one or two of the remaining free agents would give the Chicago Bears immediate starters at key positions.

The current state of the Bears cap has them sitting at the third-highest amount of money in the NFL, meaning they could go out and bring in any of the remaining top names in the free agent pool with ease.

This team still has some positions of worry, even after the initial free agency period and the 2022 NFL Draft. Again, Poles has gone a slower, unconventional route in rebuilding this franchise.

The draft didn’t go exactly as many fans had hoped, but Poles defends his decisions as taking the best players available. While that’s an admirable strategy, the Bears did not shore up as many weaknesses as they could have.

There are a trio of free agents the Bears could sign who would immediately start on this team, and each one would make them better. Let’s start up front with the big guys.

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