Chicago Blackhawks: Trade scenarios and consequences for both goalieson February 20, 2020 at 2:00 pm

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Chicago Blackhawks Jonathan Toews

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The Chicago Blackhawks are likely not going to the playoffs. They would be smart to trade both goalies for some future assets.

The Chicago Blackhawks are, in all likelihood, not going to the Stanley Cup Playoffs at the conclusion of the 2019-20 season. It is going to be the third year in a row without a playoff appearance despite some of the best play from the organization’s top players. It is not a good look for this team to be out with this level of talent and they need to do something about it soon. It is time to move on and get some future assets.

The thing is, both goalies on the team are on expiring contracts. Robin Lehner and Corey Crawford have been awesome this year for the Chicago Blackhawks but the rest of the team outside of Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Brandon Saad, and Dominik Kubalik have not been good enough. It would be wise to move both goalies for the Blackhawks because they would be able to get a pretty good return on both of them from teams that need a goalie headed into the playoffs.

With both of them on expiring contracts, it makes sense to get something out of both of them instead of losing them both for nothing. These are two goalies that certain teams might pay a decent price to acquire at the deadline. There are also some good goaltenders that will be on the market in the summer via free agency for the Hawks to try and sign. There is also a chance that they try to bring back one of these two once free agency hits.

Each goalie would bring something different to whichever team acquired him. It would also prove to have some consequence for the Blackhawks for the rest of this season and beyond. It is a shame that it has come to this after having some home a few weeks ago, but this is what it is.

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