When will LeBron James break the NBA’s career points record?on December 6, 2022 at 1:13 pm

When LeBron James passed
Karl Malone for second
on the NBA’s career regular-season points list
, he set his sights firmly on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the
NBA’s current all-time leading scorer.

Abdul-Jabbar has been atop the career points list since April 5, 1984 — eight months before James was even born — when he broke the mark previously held by Wilt Chamberlain. Now James has that record within reach, needing 908 points to surpass Abdul-Jabbar’s career total of 38,387.

At his career scoring average of 27.1 PPG, James would need 34 games to rack up that total, putting him on track to break the record on Feb. 9 against the Milwaukee Bucks. James has missed six games this season, and if he continues to miss games at the same rate he did last season, the record-breaking game would come March 12 against the New York Knicks. Through 16 games this season, James is averaging 26.1 PPG, leaving him slightly behind his career pace.

We’ll have ongoing coverage of LeBron’s quest, including updated game-by-game projections and complete stats, throughout the season.


Even though James has already missed six games this season, he’s significantly ahead of the pace Abdul-Jabbar set in his 20th and final season in 1988-89. James has scored 418 points in 16 games in 2022-23; Abdul-Jabbar needed 42 games to reach the 415-point mark.





“Hopefully we’re in town, because I’m coming to that game [when LeBron breaks the record]. If we have a game, I still might come to the game, because that’s a big accomplishment. I love Bron and everything he’s done for me and everything he stands for.”


LA Clippers head coach

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On the second game of the Lakers’ road trip, James finished 29 points on 12-for-26 shooting from the field against the Wizards.


“To know that I’m on the verge of breaking probably the most
sought-after record in the NBA, things that people say would probably never be done, I think it’s
just super humbling for myself. I think it’s super cool.”


On passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

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James has only faced Cleveland 19 times in his career, including a 27-point performance earlier this season. He put up 46 points, his most against the Cavs, back on Jan. 25, 2021.


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