What’s changed for you since getting vaccinated? What Chicagoans say.on April 9, 2021 at 4:15 pm

With more than 1.3 million people in Chicago having already gotten vaccinated against COVID-19, we asked readers what’s changed for them since getting their shots. Some answers have been condensed and lightly edited for clarity.

“I’m a registered nurse and have had a couple of dozen patients who had COVID. I worry a lot less since getting my two Pfizer doses in February. I’m looking forward to visiting my parents, who are 78 and 82 and had both of their shots, and giving them big hugs.” — Brian Peterlinz

“It has reduced my anxiety a lot. But I still wear a mask and practice social distancing.” — Charlotte Deutsch Meyer

I attended a delicious Easter dinner at a friend’s home on Sunday, and there were eight of us. All of us were fully vaccinated. It was a glimpse of life before COVID-19, and it was wonderful.” — Carson Bording

“I’ve gathered indoors with a pod of my fully vaccinated, over-65-year-old friends. I feel safer around my grandchildren. I always wear a mask around people I don’t know. I’m sleeping better and have less anxiety.” — Colleen Green

“Having lost someone dear to me — my dad, 62 — I’m relieved that I’m less likely to spread this virus. I’m most relieved that my loved ones are getting the vaccine.” — Alexis Marie

I got my shots back in December and January. I still follow COVID restrictions such as social distancing and wearing a mask. But, since I’ve been vaccinated, I feel safer.” — Nadine Harper Rosier

“Nothing. I’m vaccinated but still wear a mask and social distance.” — Catherine Jo Downing-King

“I’m four weeks past my second shot. Won’t change my safety protocol — masks, distancing, sanitation. But did feel comfortable enough to go to the mall briefly to pick up something, where before I would have had it delivered. We’re not out of the woods yet, by any means.” — Ayani Good

“So relieved. Still wear masks and social distance. Do all this, and we will beat this COVID together.” — Judy Laubscher

“My husband and I have been fully vaccinated. We’re still careful around others but are feeling much safer. We’ve even started planning our vacation!!” — Sandy Champion

“I am a teacher and have been fully vaccinated. Nothing has changed for myself or my family. Being vaccinated does not mean I am immune. I can still get sick. I’m grateful for the added layer of protection. But I won’t be rushing out to movie theaters or restaurants anytime soon.” — Tanya Carver

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