What is Sushi Suite 202 at the Lincoln Hotel?on February 23, 2021 at 2:31 pm

Okay, here’s a dining experience unlike any other: Sushi Suite 202 is sushi speakeasy in the heart of Chicago! From the moment you swipe your keycard and step inside the exclusive 500 square foot space, you’ll be blown away. Michael Sinensky and Erika London are the team behind New York’s popular Sushi Suite 1001 and the Sushi Suite in the former Versace Mansion in Miami.

They brought their talents to the Windy City to deliver a one-of-a-kind sushi experience at the Lincoln Hotel. 


The Ambiance

When you think “hotel” you might be imagining dull carpet and, ya know, mini soaps. But that’s quite the opposite of what you’ll experience in Sushi Suite 202. Step inside to discover an elegant space–complete with warm wood millwork and jewel-toned velvet furniture and you’re in the most intimate date night spot in the city. A touch of Japanese flair elevates the ambiance. 

A six-seat cocktail bar is cast in stone and finished with a solid wood top. The main lounge seating area is set up like a cozy living room with cushioned ottomans for relaxed seating and intimate side tables to hold your cocktails. But the main attraction? A six-seat sushi bar, nestled in the back of the suite where a king bed once lived.


The Cuisine

Prepare your tastebuds for incredible fare. At the sushi bar, you’ll be treated to a whooping 17-course 75-minute omakase sushi dining celebration starting at $149 per person. Executive Chef Kin Wangchuk always brings his A-game and chef Jordan Dominguez (@tronski192 on Instagram) has cultivated a following of his own, as patrons wait weeks on end to have Chef Dominguez tell them a story unlike any other. It’s a beautiful thing; creating 17 unforgettable pieces of nigiri sushi running from prized Hokkaido uni to succulent botan ebi all made from sustainable fish sourced globally. 

The Details

Sound like your jam? Sushi Suite operates Wednesday through Sunday from 5:00pm to 11:00pm at 1816 N Clark St., Chicago, IL 60614. Make your reservation online here. Just a heads up, they can accommodate shellfish allergies but not vegan/vegetarian restrictions. When you arrive at the Hotel Lincoln, you’ll need to check-in at the front desk and get your keycard to unlock your experience.

Make a Reservation at Sushi Suite 202.


Featured Image Credit: Sushi Suite 202


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