Watch Part 2 of the “Public Affairs” Interview w/Justice Michael Burke, GOP IL S CT Nominee, discussing guns, the 2nd Amendment, the July 4th Highland Park tragedy and the “Safe-T” Act: 24/7 on the web & this week on Cable

Watch Part 2 of the “Public Affairs” Interview w/ Justice Michael Burke, GOP IL S CT Nominee, discussing guns, the 2nd Amendment, July 4th Highland Park, IL tragedy and “Safe-T” Act: 24/7 on the web and this week on Cable

Watch sitting IL Justice Michael Burke, Part 2, on Web & Cable: Chicago -Tonight, 8:30 pm & midnight on Ch 21 (CAN TV) and –Tuesday night, 9:04 pm, Ch 21 (The lead segment of the two-hour IL Channel package that runs in Chicago, 9 pm to 11 pm). and

in Aurora, this Wed., Sat. & next Mon., 6 pm on ACTV-10, aka Ch. 10 in Rockford & surrounding suburbs, this Thur., 8:30 pm on Ch. 17. And, as the lead segment of this week’s IL Channel two-hour package, airing around the State on Cable.

You can also watch Justice Burke, Part Two, 24/7 by clicking here.


Justice Michael Burke gives a good discussion of the balancing considerations that are the foundation of much of the constitutional doctrine regarding the 2nd Amendment. 

Burke (R-Elmhurst), the sitting 2nd District S Ct Justice, is running for election in the Fall in the 3rd District, due to the Dems’ redistricting of the IL Supreme Court’s five districts. He discusses with show host Berkowitz the basic laws and mental health issues that relate to any meaningful discussion of the July 4th Highland Park, IL tragedy and what might be done to make similar tragedies much less likely in the future in IL and across the country.

In “Breaking news,” Burke leads a detailed and thoughtful exposition of the elaborate and complex undertaking of the Illinois Supreme Court, seemingly to “bail out” the IL legislature, by addressing many of the problems created by the so-called “Safe-T” Act. We could bet the ranch that even those generally informed about important public policy issues have heard little, if anything, about the IL S CT procedures and guides, in the making, for lower court judges and others that are discussed in this week’s show.

Burke’s closing comments regarding what the IL Supreme Court can and cannot appropriately do to deal with public policy issues should be quite helpful to voters in the 3rd District and the public at large to hear and reflect on.

Finally, this fall’s two IL Supreme Court races, as noted in Burke, Part 1, are of tremendous importance: If the GOP wins both the 3rd District Burke-O’Brien race and the 2nd District Curran-Rochford race, the Republicans will have the majority (4-3) in the Il Supreme Court for the first time in 60 years.  

These two Supreme Court races are rated among the Top Four items on this November’s ballot in IL. 

Burke, Part 3, will be posted on Thursday of this week and will start airing on Cable in Chicago next Monday night, in our regular CAN TV slots- Ch 21, 8:30 pm and midnight.  


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