Watch Berkowitz w/IL S CT GOP NOMINEE CURRAN on the tragic July 4th Highland Park Massacre, Guns, Crime & whether Law Enforcement dropped the ball & much, much more, Web & Cable

Watch Berkowitz w/IL S CT GOP NOMINEE CURRAN on the tragic July 4th Highland Park Massacre, Guns, Crime & whether Law Enforcement dropped the ball & much more, Web & Cable

Watch show host Jeff Berkowitz interview IL S CT Nominee Mark Curran (R-Libertyville), the GOP nominee in the November 8, 2022, election contest for the 2nd District Supreme Court seat.

The show starts airing around the State with it’s initial cable airing in Chicago on Cable Ch 21 (CAN TV) this Monday night, 8:30 pm and midnight and Tuesday night (as the lead segment of the Illinois Channel’s 2 hour package) at 9:03 pm.

If the GOP wins both the 2nd and 3rd District Supreme Court seats on November 8, 2022 (the seats are both purple), the IL GOP will have a majority (4-3) on the IL Supreme Court for the first time in 60 years.

The IL Supreme Court’s 2nd District consists of Lake, McHenry, Kendall, Kane, and DeKalb counties. Only IL registered voters who reside in those districts can vote in the IL 2nd District election.

Berkowitz and former Constitutional Law Professor Mark Curran discussed in Part 1 of the interview: abortion and Curran’s background, experience, and professional qualifications for the IL Supreme Court.

In Part 2, the discussion turned to Curran’s gut views and gestalt and the host’s perspective on detention by the courts of defendants prior to their trial, skyrocketing crime, guns, the July 4th Highland Park, IL tragic shooting, the IL Firearms Restraining Order Act, and the run-up to that awful July 4th massacre (which apparently could have been avoided by a more proactive IL STATE POLICE agency and STATE’S ATTORNEY OF LAKE COUNTY) in terms of the shooter’s and his family’s history in the prior three years, or so, in dealing with the Highland Park and Illinois State police (“ISP”).

Berkowitz and Curran discuss what law enforcement like the Lake County State’s attorney, the ISP and it’s Director, Mr. Kelly, did and did not do during the run-up to July 4th and raise the issue of whether they dropped the ball in terms of their handling of matters involving the July 4th shooter and his family.

During the show, Curran explains what he looks to for guidance in his interpretation of the U. S. Constitution and Constitutional Law doctrine regarding gun owner rights and related issues. Curran said he is not a “Textualist” or “Originalist.” Instead, he looks to natural law as his framework for understanding the meaning of the U.S. Constitution.

IL Supreme Court GOP nominee (2nd District) Mark Curran said the issue of guns and mental health should be a priority of local and state law enforcement and prosecutors, but they apparently have not done that in the past. Curran said someone “Dropped the ball” on that issue.

Curran seems skeptical of the efficacy of assault weapon bans. He said: “They consider anything that is not a revolver an assault weapon and that is just an absurdity.”

IL S CT GOP nominee Mark Curran said, “I am not somebody who believes police can’t get better,” but he has never been a supporter of the “Black Lives Matter [Movement], so to speak.” Curran said those are “Just his general thoughts, not how he would rule on any case.”

Former Lake County Sheriff, Assistant IL Attorney General and Lake County Assistant State’s Attorney Curran said some of those prosecutors who have “Taken Soros’ money and are letting everybody out [of prison and jail] and not prosecuting violent crimes the way they should- they are a danger to America.”

But, on the other hand, “The Judiciary doesn’t get to tell the Executive Branch [like prosecutors] how to run their offices,” Curran said.

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