Watch Berkowitz in a Feb. 2021 far ranging interview w/the GOP GOV candidate now leading the polls, Sen. Darren Bailey: Cable & Web

Watch Berkowitz in a Feb. 2021 far ranging interview w/the GOP GOV candidate now leading the polls, Sen. Darren Bailey: Cable & Web

Watch tonight’s “Public Affairs,” show in Chicago, 9:48 pm, Cable Ch. 19, with show host Berkowitz interviewing GOP GOV Primary Candidate, downstate farmer and Senator Darren Bailey in February, 2021- before he announced as a candidate. Bailey discusses cutting property taxes, spending and IL government pension benefits– starting real reforms to help business and employment; and attracting jobs to IL.

You can watch 24/7 the show featuring the candidate now leading Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin by 15 points in the recent Sun-Times poll in Part 1 of 2 shows, by clicking here:

Part 2 of the Bailey interview (dealing w/the asserted miscues of Pritzker ‘s unnecessary shutdown of IL’s economy & schools, mis-directed vaccine roll-out, abusive and educationally destructive “Cultural standards,”  & unlimited abortions of healthy embryos) can be watched by clicking here  


You give us 30 minutes and GOP Gov candidate and Senator Bailey gives you his vision, as of February, 2021, to make IL:  financially solvent again, a resurgent and open economy with real, vibrant and safe workplaces again and infusing all schools with safe in-person teaching and learning again–  and a state that is alive and joyful again.

Tonight’s show (Bailey, part 1)  airs thorough-out Chicago as the second segment of a two hour Illinois Channel package:

–In Chicago, tonight 9:48 pm, Cable Ch 19 (CAN TV)

You can also watch 24/7 the show featuring GOP GOV Primary candidate (and Senator) Darren Bailey (R-Louisville), Part 1 by clicking here:


State Senator and GOP GOV primary candidate Darren Bailey

Taped February 10, 2021

Executive Summary, Part 1: Jeff Berkowitz goes one-on-one with Sen. Darren Bailey, Republican candidate for Governor of Illinois, on his background and bold proposals to cut property taxes, change the IL Constitution to allow a reduction in pension benefits and work to restore Illinois to financial stability and responsive State Government.


This video is Part 1 of Jeff Berkowitz’s two part Public Affairs’ interview with State Senator and farmer Darren Bailey.

Our discussion with Sen. Bailey, who farms 12,000 acres in downstate, Louisville, IL, in Part 1 of our interview focuses on the topics listed below: 

(1) IL and its Cities’ $420 billion unfunded pension liabilities,

(2) the highest in the nation (and growing) IL property taxes and

(3) major loss of population & jobs

(4) Inattentive and incompetent IL Governance:

(5) Amending IL’s Constitution to permit cuts in Government employee pension benefits: “We have to do that,” said Gov Candidate Bailey, saying he agrees w/Wirepoints’ proposal to “cut,” our current, state government automatic 3% annual COLAs to a 1 % or 0% increase, depending on the annual pension levels- and he agrees with some of the other Wirepoints pension reform proposals.

(6) Bringing the State Government pension and taxpayer stakeholders to the table, after Bailey is elected, to discuss the full range of potential pension reforms and their implementation

(7) Possible IL and City filings for bankruptcy

(8) Zero based budgeting and

(9) tort reform, including a change in the standard for establishing a  workers’ compensation claim for injury

You can learn more about Sen. Bailey, whose downstate IL Sen. District is a 3 ½ hour drive southeast of Chicago, by using or connecting with the below social media handles:


Facebook: BaileyforIllinois

Instagram: Baileyforil55


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