Watch: Bears’ Sam Mustipher gets tossed like a tackling dummy in pass protection

Sam Mustipher needs to be benched as soon as possible, before he gets Justin Fields hurt

Inexplicably the Bears are using a rotation at right guard of Lucas Patrick and Teven Jenkins while keeping Sam Mustipher at center.  The move seems to be designed to get Patrick thudded up and ready for game speed when he’s ready to return to his starting center position.

Meanwhile, Sam Mustipher continues to be a massive liability at the center spot, and it couldn’t be any more obvious in this play as Kenny Pickett tosses Mustipher aside like a beanbag in this rip move.

Patrick as well gets destroyed by his rusher in this clip, highlighting why the Bears are likely not getting their passing attack going when the pocket is getting destroyed in front of Justin Fields.  Certainly this type of play happens to everyone at one time or another, but it seems to happen to Mustipher more times than should be acceptable for a starting center.

The Bears need to hope that Patrick gets healthy soon so that they can keep Jenkins at right guard permanently or just keep him there anyway.  Jenkins has shown already that he’s going to be a junkyard dog at the right guard spot and moving him in and out only disrupts his play and the overall performance of the offensive line.

The move of having Jenkins rotate is a very unorthodox move that looks like an early failure of leadership and coaching from Matt Eberflus.  The Bears need power on the interior and they need to ensure Fields has a clean pocket to throw from.  Sam Mustipher doesn’t afford that and Jenkins does and it’s time for the Bears to do everything possible to get Sam Mustipher off the field.

It’s more than obvious to anyone with even the most untrained eye, that Sam Mustipher is a liability.  The Bears need to give Justin Fields the best chance to succeed and they’re not doing so.  Teven Jenkins should be starting every snap from now on to at least solidify one position on the interior of the offensive line.

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