Video: Justin Fields can crank a baseball

Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears visit Wrigley Field

Justin Fields can do more than throw footballs. He can blast baseballs over the ivy. The second-year quarterback went with the Chicago Bears to visit Wrigley Field Thursday. While at the ballpark, players hit balls at a home run derby.

Video posted to Twitter showed Fields, who played baseball in high school, launching one over the left-field wall. If Fields career doesn’t work out in the NFL, he could be able to take a Tim Tebow path to the MLB.

Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields just hit a home run at Wrigley Field.
(Video via @JuiceHerbert)

Crushin it!

The Bears have some bats on their roster

Fields wasn’t the only Bears player swinging for the fences. Bears Twitter posted videos of multiple players hitting the holy hell out of the baseball. These guys have some sweet athletic talents outside of what we see them do in football cleats.

It’s nice to see the Bears hanging out and having a good time after a long week of OTA’s. The Bears have had some adversity this week after being forced to miss a practice. But for now, that seems in the distant past. Next week, the Bears will continue their progress on the football field with a mandatory minicamp. Hopefully, the Bears hit that out of the park.

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