Velus Jones knows his Bears teammates are depending on him

Velus Jones  wants to impress the Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears fans wanting a wide receiver in the 2022 NFL Draft waited until the third round for that position to be taken. Former Tennessee wide receiver Velus Jones wants to be the player the Bears desperately need him to be.

Jones, wearing a cream-colored hoodie and sitting next to the 1969 George Halas Courage Award, addressed the media following the Bears’ final mandatory minicamp.

Jones said he’s going to be that receiver they need. “I definitely know I’m not going to let them down. I’m definitely going to be that player they drafted,” Jones said. “That guy who’s good with yards after the catch, the guy that makes plays out of nothing. So I’m definitely going to bring that to the table,” he said.

Jones likes to envision himself being successful before taking action. “I like to manifest a lot. Before I go to sleep, looking over plays,” Jones said. “I like to picture myself running a route, or catching a touchdown. So, I’m big on manifesting. So you know, I can picture a lot of great things this season, even on certain plays or certain routes, thrown by [Fields].”

Chicago Bears teammates have confidence in Velus Jones

Darnell Mooney praised Jones earlier in the week, saying he brings a lot of speed when he gets the football. Jones is appreciative of Mooney’s support, he said.  “It means a lot. It shows me that my teammates believe in me, they have faith in me. They know I got their backs,” Jones said.

Jones has been getting to know quarterback Justin Fields on the field and off, Jones said. Their relationship off the field makes things easier during practice, he said. Fields and the offense are depending on Jones to have their backs, he said. Fields and Jones will work together in Atlanta this summer, Jones said.

Jones has been moving around to different positions on the field during OTA’s and getting a lot of balls thrown his way, he said. “That’s just boosting my confidence level up in this offense and as I continue to work on that, that’s a good feeling.”

Velus Jones and the Chicago Bears are bringing their “track shoes” to camp

Head coach Matt Ebferlus said in Thursday’s press conference he told the players to be fit before training camp. The team got the Eberflus cliche “get your track shoes on” quote before Bears players head to break. Eberflus wants the team fit, slimmed down, and ready to be speedy for camp. The message isn’t a problem for Jones.

“I like to run anyways,” Jones said. Whether it’s at a park or in the neighborhood, he said. “[Eberflus] told us you don’t get in shape during camp, you get in shape before camp. So I know we’re going to come in and we’re going to hit the ground running. So I’m going to make sure my body’s in shape, make sure my endurance and everything is built up. So I’m really excited.”

Jones wanted #11

Jones meant no disrespect to recently departed Allen Robinson when Jones chose number 12 as his jersey number. He wanted 11, but it was already taken by Mooney, so he went with another option presented to him. Jones doesn’t want to be compared to Robinson, he said. “I’m not Robinson, I’m Velus Jones Jr. and you know, that’s all that matters. Like yeah, I’ll take number 12.”

Jones and the Chicago Bears wide receivers have a lot to prove

Jones’s press conference was one of the most confident performances by a rookie for the Bears this offseason. It’s refreshing to hear a young (even if he’s a 25-year-old rookie) Bears player who is excited to be with the team. The wide receiver room he’s entering is bare, with no elite talent at the position. PFF recently ranked the Bears’ wide receiver unit as the worst in the league.

Jones currently sees a better future for the Bears, let’s hope he can manifest it.

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