Vegan NFL quarterback gifts struggling offensive linemen grills

The Bears’ offensive line got an extraordinary gift

A pretty cool tradition around Christmas in the NFL is when a team’s starting quarterback gives their offensive linemen gifts. It’s typically a gesture of giving thanks for protecting the quarterback during the season. Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields gave gifts to his offensive line even though they’ve done a poor job of protecting him this season. It was a surprise gift from the vegan quarterback.

According to Alex Shapiro with NBC Sports, Fields gave the gutless wonders, who try to protect him, Weber Grills this season. Most of the offensive line was super excited to receive the device most known for cooking meat proteins, including Sam Mustipher, who could have used the gift months ago. Mustipher has been playing hangry all season.

However, rookie Braxton Jones was thinking of repackaging the gift for his mother:

“Most guys were genuinely excited for the gift and the unanimous winner for “First Piece of Meat Cooked on the Grill” was a big ribeye. Mustipher took things one step further and said he was going to make a tomahawk steak. But Braxton Jones said he’ll have to let someone else use his grill.

“I don’t know how to cook, I’m going to be honest with you,” Jones said.

Jones still has a plan for his grill, though. He’s thinking about giving it to his mom so she can enjoy using it, and so he can enjoy some of her cooking when he visits.”

Seems about par for the course; Jones doesn’t know how to cook an Edge rusher on a passing down, either.

Just a bad rep from Braxton Jones. Gets beat handedly by Nick Bosa, which results in a sack. #DaBears

The grill nod seems like an interesting choice from someone living off of plants. If anything, it appears more like a slight to general manager Ryan Poles. The former offensive lineman turned NFL executive wanted his linemen to be slimmed down this offseason.

The second-year quarterback has had to live dangerously with Poles’ choices this season. The Bears have given up 50 sacks this season. Fields wants his lineman beefed up, so they aren’t constantly getting grilled on the three-step drop.

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