Two names emerge early as candidates to replace Ted Phillips for Chicago Bears

Two names have emerged internally to takeover for Ted Phillips

News broke on Friday that will have a big impact on the Chicago Bears franchise moving forward. Dan Pompei of The Athletic broke the news that Bears President and CEO Ted Phillips will retire following the 2022 season.

Phillips will step aside in February after 23 years with the franchise and they will usher in a new era in the front office. But now the biggest question surrounding the position is who will take over? And in the article, Pompei offers up two names early on that could be candidates and the search has already begun:

The process of finding a successor has begun. McCaskey, Phillips and Tanesha Wade, senior vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion, have been in discussions with the search firm Nolan Partners.

Potential in-house replacements may include senior vice president of marketing and communications Scott Hagel and senior vice president and legal counsel Cliff Stein. McCaskey said he would not identify possible candidates at this time.

Both Hagel and Stein are in the building already and would be the two lead candidates in terms of internal.

Stein has been with the team since 2002, earning a promotion in 2016. He works under Ted Phillips. Hagel has been with the Bears since 1996 and was promoted to Senior VP back in 2016, reporting directly to Phillips.

Both have been in-house for over 20 years now and have the experience, so it makes sense from that standpoint. But the Bears will also look external to try and lure someone here for the job.

Whoever takes over for Phillips will have big responsibilities, including the Arlington Heights project.


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