Trevis Gipson is the Chicago Bears’ Most Underrated Defender

Second year defensive end Trevis Gipson could be one of the most important players on the Bears defense going forward.

Chicago Bears defensive end Trevis Gipson exploded onto the scene in his second year racking up seven sacks and five forced fumbles.  Gipson wasn’t supposed to receive the level of playing time necessary to become so productive but after Khalil Mack went down with an injury, Gipson came in and performed admirably in his stead.  Gipson performed so well in fact that he put the Bears in a position where they could trade away Mack to clear up some cap space and add a draft pick in the middle of the second round.

So what exactly did Gipson show in his second year as an edge defender for the Bears?  First, he showed off clear burst off the edge.  Gipson preferred to start from a standing stance and he was more often than not able to run past offensive tackles.  Second, Gipson showed off the ability to force fumbles racking up five in total, good for a tie for fifth most in the league.

So what does Gipson need to accomplish in his first year as a starter at defensive end opposite Robert Quinn?  Gipson needs to show more hand usage, and counter moves to his repertoire.  Gipson got by mostly on his speed, he needs to win the hand battles, generate his speed to power, and develop a rip move so he can better out leverage the blocker.  By using his speed to get into the body of the defender he can better use that to  bull rush the blocker.  Gipson did mention that he was bothered to see Khalil Mack traded to the Chargers, but now he needs to apply what he learned from Mack to become a more complete player.

What does Trevis Gipson bring to the defense?

Trevis Gipson clearly has all the tools, he has the size at 6-foot-4 261-pounds, the speed with a timed 4.68 40-yard dash plus he has the frame to add more mass without losing any of his speed.  Without question Gipson’s arrow is pointing up and he should come in and dominate in year three with the Bears.  He’s moving back to a more comfortable position for him as a base DE in the 4-3, and he’s going to be tutored up by Matt Eberflus who is a disciple of renowned defensive line coach and former Bears defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli.  If ever there was a place for position coaches to be enshrined into the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio, Marinelli has a clear case.

All that needs to happen now is for Trevis Gipson to take the opportunity in front of him and become the Bears pass rusher of the future.  Doing so would go a long way towards stabilizing a defense that is in rebuilding mode and would also provide draft value as most dominant pass rushers are found in the top-10  of the NFL Draft, not in the fifth round.  Trevis Gipson’s continued success would be the most important development the Bears could have on defense in 2022.

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