Top 5 Sports Teams In Chicago

The top 5 sports teams in the city of Chicago

Chicago was ranked as the 3rd largest city in the United States in 2018, with a population of over 2 million people. Besides its size and population, Chicago is famous because it sets the standard of excellence for modern cities. 

So, what about sports? Well, the city of the Chicago Bears is packed with sports lovers and some of the best sporting teams in America. Sports fans in Chicago aren’t only crazy about sports and their favorite teams; they love to win and are super competitive. That is why the online gaming market is growing more in the city as fans seek out sites that offer great MBL, NHL, NBA, and NFL odds.

Let’s take a closer look at the sports scene in Chicago. We will rank Chicago’s top 5 sports teams based on their history, fan following, and championship successes.

Chicago Blackhawks

The atmosphere in the United Center during a Chicago Blackhawk game is rife with excitement and passion. Thousands of fans gather to cheer and chant the team’s goal song. It is an experience any ice hockey fan should experience at least once in their lifetime.

The Blackhawks is Chicago’s beloved ice hockey team and is ranked as the country’s most famous ice hockey team (over 2.7 million fans). The team was founded in 1926 and was initially owned by Fredrick McLaughlin.

The Blackhawks has also enjoyed national triumphs as they have won the most prestigious ice hockey cup in America (the Stanley Cup) 6 times, the latest being in 2015. 

Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears fans congregate at the Soldier Field stadium for a thrilling sporting experience. The Bears, alongside their fans, have a long-standing rivalry with some NFL teams, especially the Green Bay Packers, so when these two teams battle on the field, the fans’ and players’ tension reaches a fever pitch. Though their stadium is said to be the smallest NFL arena, the 2021 season saw it fill up with excited fans. 

The Chicago Bears became a professional football team in 1920 and were formerly known as The Staleys. The team has won just one Super Bowl title (1985) and the NFL Championship 8 times.

Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls had a glorious era when they were an NBA dynasty. They had arguably the greatest player in the game’s history (Michael Jordan). The Chicago Bulls are also the favorite team known worldwide for the iconic three-peat twice, a feat which hasn’t been replicated since then. 

The home court arena is always full of fans in awe of their talented players and entertaining games. This basketball franchise has its fans to thank for its popularity even post-Jordan because of their passion and sports enthusiasm.

Over 8 million fans support this team; last year, they had the highest attendance average of any team in the NBA (20,881). The team was founded in 1966 and has won the NBA title 6 times since then. They play at the United Center.

Chicago White Sox

Major League Baseball (MLB) has iconic teams, but not many of these teams are more iconic than the two baseball teams in Chicago, one of which is the Chicago White Sox. Like all the teams on our list, the White Socks have a proud history. They were formerly called the Chicago White Stockings when founded in 1900 before rebranding to White Sox in 1904.

This iconic team plays at Guaranteed Rate Field. The fan experience before and after games is fantastic as the fans cheer on the team, enjoy barbecue, and light fireworks. This team has won 3 World Series titles, with the latest coming in 2005.

Chicago Cubs

It’s always a funfair before every Chicago Cubs home game. Regarding its history, none of the teams on our list has a richer and older history than the Cubs. Founded in 1870, it was once owned by Albert Spalding(owner of Spalding) and afterwards sold. The team was later renamed the Cubs in 1907.

The Chicago Cubs play at Wrigley Field, which is historic because it is the second oldest arena in baseball. One of the charms of this ballpark is that it still has some original features even to date. The Cubs have won baseball’s most prominent title(the World Series) two times, including the latest title in 2016. 

Final Thoughts

Aside from these top 5 teams, other teams in Chicago are getting a lot of fan following and success, including the soccer teams like the Chicago Fire and Chicago Red Stars, the WNBA team, the Chicago Sky, the Cardinals, and others. Without a doubt, Chicago is a fantastic city for sports fans.

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