Tim Anderson has some nice words about this Cubs prospectVincent Pariseon April 12, 2022 at 4:36 pm

Tim Anderson is one of the best players on the Chicago White Sox who are one of the best teams in Major League Baseball. He is also the face of the franchise and could be considered one of the faces of Chicago sports in general. When he talks, everyone listens.

There used to be a debate about who was the better shortstop in Chicago between Tim Anderson and former Chicago Cubs star Javier Baez. The answer looked like Javy at first but Tim Anderson proved to be way better in the end and now Baez is in Detroit.

However, Anderson seems to think that the debate will resurface again one day soon. He had some high praise for Cubs prospect Ed Howard. Anderson had some really nice things to say about Howard’s character and his play on the field.

He made it known that they communicate a lot and Anderson is willing to help him with anything that he needs. Anderson got to know Howard during his time with the Chicago White Sox ACE Program. Now, Howard is a top prospect for the Cubs after being their 16th overall pick in 2020.

The Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs have bright futures at shortstop.

Howard is currently playing in high-A South Bend where he looks to advance through the system and eventually be a Major League Baseball player. As of right now, even as a high-A player, he is considered to be the best defensive infielder that the Cubs have in their system. The praise is high for this kid.

If Anderson is right, there are going to be some very fun Crosstown Classic games over the next few seasons. The Cubs dominated them for a while and now it is the White Sox’s turn but things could even out if Howard and some of his teammates/members of the organization start to pan out.

For now, these two teams are not rivals at all when it comes to baseball. However, it is clear that the fact that they are in the same city makes them natural rivals when it comes to the fans. With that in mind, it is really cool to see Anderson take a young kid like that under his wing.

It is going to be so fun watching these two play in the Majors for a long time. We can only hope that the White Sox and the Cubs have on-field success as a team in the meantime. Summertime in Chicago needs good baseball with exciting players. Anderson and Howard are exciting players.

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