Throwing The Best Chicago Style Casino-Themed Party

Throwing The Best Chicago Style Casino-Themed Party

Throwing a casino-themed party the Chicago way can fit any occasion, such as bridal showers, themed birthday parties, bachelor parties, and even charity fundraisers. It’s a great way to bring your friends and family together for a night of fun, games, and even a fundraiser to celebrate a good cause. 

If you are looking for the best casino-themed party ideas, let us help you. We have listed the best innovative design suggestions for the ultimate casino experience. 

Customize Your Invitation Cards

Hinting your guests with your party’s theme can be done through your customized invitation cards. You can try sending out poker chips with all the party details, including the dress code, address, and overall theme. Moreover, you can also send out playing cards as your form of invitation. In this way, you’re positive your guests won’t be throwing away the cards you sent out because they can still use them. 

Go All Out With Casino Color Schemes

When you think of a casino night, certain colors might pop into your mind. You can try to use these colors with your party, such as the classic red, black, and white color palettes. It’s also nice to use the green color scheme, resembling the color of money, to balance your party’s design and make your space look more refreshed. 

A James Bond 007 Theme 

A casino-themed party can look even better with a James Bond 007 theme, especially when preparing a charity fundraiser event. Go all out with casino-themed live music and elegant dress codes. Even better, make your invitations secret agent-inspired to complete that classic James Bond-inspired casino night. 

Moreover, 007 would not be complete without plentiful martini glasses, cocktails, and desserts. To make it even more casino-themed, use tablecloths inspired by the wheel of fortune. 

Don’t Forget to Include Casino Games

Naturally, you should not miss out on casino games when planning a casino-themed party! Try adding casino table games, poker, slot machines, or bingo for that complete entertainment. You can also let your visitors engage in online casinos, like in That’s a great way to spice up your party and make it a night your guests will not forget. 

Add A Red Carpet For Your Guests

Your guests deserve a VIP casino experience at your party. Treat them with a red carpet laid out at the entrance, and hire a photographer to take photos of them in their glamorous attire. Let your guests feel like A-list superstars on your casino night. 

Include A Candy Stand Slot 

If it’s your child’s birthday party, including a candy stand slot machine is a unique way to incorporate the casino theme. It’s fun and whimsical, making your party look like a real casino night with your loved ones. 

Speakeasies Are Also Common 

Speakeasies are also common party ideas that can go well with the casino theme. Just choose a dark or rustic event place that resembles the parties in the 1920s. Go all out with cold beer, cocktails, and a jazz playlist. To make things more entertaining, hire magicians or incorporate casino games, such as blackjack or roulette.

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