This prominent ESPN analyst likes the Blackhawks new coachVincent Pariseon June 30, 2022 at 11:00 am

Everyone is going to have an opinion on the new coaching situation for the Chicago Blackhawks with Luke Richardson named as the guy. He seems to have a resume worthy of getting an NHL opportunity with a team in the shoes that the Blackhawks find themselves in.

Richardson is not expected to come in this year and win them the Stanley Cup. However, as a rebuilding team, he is expected to come in and help them groom some young talent into good NHL players.

One person who is excellent at giving opinions on NHL hockey is John Buccigross of ESPN. The man known as Bucci went on the Bardown: Talking Hockey podcast on Wednesday and spoke on the matter. He seems to like the new hire by the Chicago Blackhawks.

Bucci talked about Richardson as a high-character guy and mentioned the fact that this team is self admittedly in a five-year rebuild. He was sure to note that it is a long time to be rebuilding. He also mentioned the idea of some high-end players getting traded at some point.

He sounded pessimistic about Richardson being the head coach when they are ready to win but then admitted that it is certainly possible. That is something that is interesting to hear about. It was also nice to hear a hockey personality like that talk about Chicago’s team.

John Buccigross seems to think that the Chicago Blackhawks have a good head coach.

Hockey made its return to ESPN in 2021-22. The Blackhawks were very bad so they didn’t get on as much as they would have liked but that will happen soon enough. We know what this market becomes for hockey when the Hawks are good.

They have to hope that the head coach is able to do a good job developing the players provided to him. It might be a weak roster outside of the young kinds so it is extremely important to get them going.

They also don’t have a very good farm system which is something they are going to have to build up over the next few years.

If they can build that back up and Richardson can do a good job developing the talent that comes through, this could turn around just a little bit quicker than expected. As of right now, if Bucci likes this move, Blackhawks fans should too.

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