This fact should make Chicago Cubs fans smile before the World SeriesVincent Pariseon October 28, 2022 at 4:30 pm

The Chicago Cubs were a terrible team in 2022. They were fun at times but nobody ever thought that they had a chance to be a playoff team at any point in the season.

However, there were flashes of brilliance from certain players at different points throughout the season which led t some wins.

Now, we have to see the Philadelphia Phillies play in the World Series as the National League Champions against the American League Champion Houston Astros.

There is one fact that Chicago Cubs can be happy with when they look at the World Series matchup this year.

The Chicago Cubs can be very proud of this fact before the World Series.

They went a remarkable 6-0 against the Phillies in the 2022 season. Yes, the Chicago Cubs went undefeated with two sweeps against the team that is representing their league in the World Series. For some reason, the Cubs had their number.

If the Phillies would have played against the Cubs the way that most other National League teams did, they probably wouldn’t have struggled to make the playoffs in the end. They probably wouldn’t have backed into the playoffs the way that they did.

It is probable that they wouldn’t change anything about the way that their season went but losing all of those games to the Cubs couldn’t have felt good when it wasn’t a lock that they’d make the playoffs. Either way, now they are where they are.

The Cubs are headed into this offseason knowing that they had a chance to beat some good teams in 2022 but didn’t do it enough. They are continuing to develop their prospects and are probably going to spend some big money during the offseason.

They can learn a lot from the Phillies who had the longest playoff drought in the National League before surprising everyone this year after a few changes. The Cubs aren’t going to fire their manager the way that Philly did but they can make the changes ended to compete next year.

Now, knowing this fact, everyone can enjoy what promises to be an incredibly entertaining World Series between two teams that are so different. Hopefully, it lives up to the hype.

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