This fact about Frank Schwindel is alarming for Chicago CubsVincent Pariseon May 6, 2022 at 12:00 pm

The Chicago Cubs are off to an abysmal start to the 2022 season. They are 9-15 after being swept by the Chicago White Sox earlier this week and now they are welcoming in the Los Angeles Dodgers who might be the best team in Major League Baseball.

They just don’t have a good roster anymore and some of the guys who were overperforming in 2021 are not off to good starts in 2022. One of those guys is Frank Schwindel. He was so good in a short sample size last year after taking Anthony Rizzo’s place but hasn’t been good at all this year.

So far, he is slashing .205/.250/.313 for an OPS of .563. He has two home runs and nine RBIs. He is also not a very good first baseman defensively either. In fact, Alfonso Rivas has been much better there and with his bat so far this season. All of these stats have Schwindel at a -0.4 WAR.

Nick Madrigal is off to a very very bad start as well. However, he still has an OPS that is higher than Schwindel’s which is absolutely horrid. Madrigal, despite his struggles, will never be counted on for power.

The Chicago Cubs certainly need more from Frank Schwindel in the year 2022.

Both are struggling badly but it is horrid to see Madrigal with a higher OPS. That is especially considering what Schwindel’s numbers looked like in 2021. It is unclear if he can get back to his productive ways in MLB but pitchers have definitely adjusted. It is up to him to adjust back.

The Cubs are going nowhere this season. If they can’t get anything for him anymore (they should have traded him in the offseason), they should just let him DH and eat some innings for them as they start to rebuild.

30-year-old rookies don’t usually get much better if they are good in their first year. In fact, you can almost guarantee them regressing and that is what we have happening with Schwindel. Still, he can be better than having a lower OPS than Madrigal.

The Cubs have some good young prospects in the system but it is going to be a long time before they are contenders again. Fans of the team can only hope that they start to realize that and make the right following moves.

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