This Chicago Bears player could end up being a superstarVincent Pariseon August 28, 2022 at 3:29 pm

A lot of people believe that the Chicago Bears are going to have a tough 2022 season. They might have players that play well because they are amazing but the roster is so weak that there is no way that they can compete. Well, that is probably true but one player can make a difference.

That player is Justin Fields. When QB1 was drafted out of Ohio State University, he came into an even worse Bears situation as both Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace had no clue what they were doing on offense. This year might be different.

Fields showed some great stuff in Saturday night’s 21-20 victory over the Cleveland Browns. He went 14/16 for 156 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions. It was a magnificent game against a very respectable defense that Cleveland has.

If the Bears are going to win some games this year, they need production like that from Fields. Players were designed that allowed Justin to use both his arms and legs to find his weapons in the open. He made some really nice plays all throughout the game that helped the Bears win.

Justin Fields has the potential to be a superstar QB for the Chicago Bears soon.

Now, the Bears went 3-0 in the preseason and that means absolutely nothing. What we can look at though, however, are some of the things that happened that allowed them to be 3-0 this year. They saw some brilliance from a lot of people and Justin Fields is one of them.

He seemed to get a little bit better with each preseason game. His playing time also increased with each game which is a good sign of him ramping it up. That is much better than Nagy’s way of benching all starters throughout the entire exhibition season.

By watching this tape, it is obvious that Fields has the potential to become a superstar NFL quarterback. We see most of the top-10 guys in the playoffs each and every year no matter what the rest of the team looks like. That could be Justin if the Bears handle him the right way.

Now, this is it for the preseason. The next time Justin Fields and his crew take the field it will count. That begins on September 11th against the San Francisco 49ers at Soldier Field.

We might know quickly after if this is the year that he takes that step into stardom. The preseason was a great sign that it is very possible for him which would help everyone.

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