These people deserve the most blame for Chicago Bears’ loss to Green BayRyan Heckmanon September 19, 2022 at 2:21 pm

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It was yet another loss to the Green Bay Packers for the Chicago Bears and their fan base on Sunday night. After a Week 1 victory in the rain, the Bears were brought back down to earth by Aaron Rodgers and company.

There were many who deserved blame for the 27-10 loss Sunday night, but three people in particular deserve the finger pointing.

Before we get into those three, an honorable mention must be named: Linebacker Roquan Smith.

The Packers ran all over the Bears, and Smith was nowhere to be found. He looked slow, out of shape and behind the play on many occasions. Future contract negotiations may not be kind to him if his play continues down this road.

Now, onto the guys who deserved the most blame.

Justin Fields deserves blame for the Chicago Bears’ loss to Green Bay

First of all, it’s tough to put too much blame on Justin Fields in this loss. He was the reason the Bears were even in the end zone (twice) at all on Sunday night. Fields scored the only touchdown (that counted) for the Bears.

However, his biggest weakness, from a year ago, was on full display in this one. Fields continues to hold the ball too long without either throwing it away or at least giving an opportunity to a receiver.

Sunday night, Fields was sacked three times. You could argue that either one or two of them were his fault, although it’s hard to know exactly what he was seeing without the All-22 film.

.@PrestonSmith94 gets to the QB!

? ? ? ? ? #CHIvsGB #GoPackGo


— Green Bay Packers (@packers) September 19, 2022

Fields still doesn’t have the equivalent of an entire season as the Bears’ starter, so these growing pains very well might continue for the young gunslinger. But, in watching the film this week, he will have to pick up on that and learn from it. Holding the ball too long is absolutely the biggest thing holding him back, and Fields must learn to be much more decisive.

To go along with being decisive, Fields made an errant throw far past the line of scrimmage Monday night. He completed the pass, sure, but he was two whole yards over the line of scrimmage and the play was called back. His awareness needs some work, and this was exhibit A.

The only other huge gripe with Fields’ performance came late in the game, on a called quarterback draw. It was fourth down and the Bears were attempting to get it within one score. Fields took the snap and tried powering it between the left guard and center into the end zone, instead of taking the open lane on the right. He also could have simply reached up and over, instead of trying to squeeze through.

Now, was he in? The photos from replay certainly look like he was. But, there was an easier and more conclusive avenue to score that touchdown and Fields did not take it.


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