These 3 trades involve Zach LaVine leaving the Chicago BullsAnish Puligillaon May 23, 2022 at 12:00 pm

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The impossible has happened. Chicago Bulls All-Star Zach LaVine has decided to leave for greener pastures. After five long, hard years in the windy city, fighting against the laughing stock reputation this franchise has had and finally helping lead our favorite team back to the playoffs, he has surprisingly left.

While, like most Bulls fans, I don’t believe Zach LaVine will be in another uniform this Fall, it’s interesting to consider the options this team has should he decide to move on. If he does, the Bulls are more or less guaranteed assets in return as none of the teams with the space to sign him outright would make any sense from a financial or winning perspective.

Most recently, the Mavericks, Hawks, Blazers, and Lakers were reported to be the four teams interested in potentially poaching Zach LaVine. All four of these teams would have to complete a sign and trade with Chicago, but oftentimes in these trades, the team getting the best player wins the deal. Since Doncic, Young, Lillard, and LeBron likely won’t be included in any trade packages – the Bulls stand to get worse as a team should LaVine leave.

This leaves the Chicago Bulls in an interesting spot. With a roster still full of young talent, but led by two stars on the wrong side of 30, where do they go? Retool and try to keep competing or tear it down and acquire as many assets as possible?

If Zach LaVine leaves, the Chicago Bulls will have some major decisions to make regarding their other two stars.

With DeMar’s trade value at an all-time high and Vucevic on a great contract for an all-star big, I believe, if Zach LaVine is intent on leaving no matter what, that the Chicago Bulls should trade their remaining two stars and attempt to rebuild around Patrick Williams and Lonzo Ball. Even though this would be a short-term setback in terms of success, it would be the best for the long-term future of this franchise.

What follows here are three trades for the Chicago Bulls’ big three that would drastically transform the team going into the 2022-23 season should Zach LaVine demand a trade and force his way out of Chicago. Once again, as a reminder, I do not believe Zach will leave Chicago – this is merely a thought experiment.

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