There is one Josh Donaldson fact that Chicago fans forgetVincent Pariseon May 23, 2022 at 10:09 pm

The Chicago White Sox had some beef with Josh Donaldson over the weekend. He made completely arrogant, racist comments to Tim Anderson, and it led to a benches-clearing incident between them and the New York Yankees.

He was handed a one-game suspension and an undisclosed fine by Major League Baseball which is honestly very disappointing to hear. This kind of stuff is unacceptable and should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

There might be a fact that some people in Chicago might forget about. He was actually drafted into the league by the Chicago Cubs. He was taken in the first round with the 48th pick of the 2007 MLB Draft out of Auburn.

Donaldson never actually suited up for the Cubs, however, as he was traded along with Sean Gallagher, Matt Murton, and Eric Patterson to the Oakland Athletics in exchange for Chad Gaudin and Rich Harden.

The Chicago Cubs drafted and traded Josh Donaldson once upon a time.

He then really took off with the A’s before also playing with the Toronto Blue Jays, Minnesota Twins, and New York Yankees. His career does include an MVP (with Toronto in 2015), two Silver Sluggers, and three All-Star appearances.

It was probably a bad trade for the Chicago Cubs when you think about how good he has been but it is also good that they don’t have this guy on their current roster because he is a terrible look. He didn’t even show remorse for his actions which is evident by the appeal of his suspension.

Sometimes, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. He was also elite back then but is very much an overpaid headache these days. The Minnesota Twins thought so low of him that they traded him away to the team that beats them in the playoffs every single time they make it.

The White Sox are going to move on from this incident and not think about Donaldson anymore as they no longer play the Yankees this season. If they meet in the playoffs, they will cross that bridge when they get there.

What does seem obvious is the spark that he provided to the White Sox clubhouse. They swept the Sunday doubleheader and are now heading into a huge week with the Boston Red Sox. It is a good thing that the Cubs lost this guy as early as they did.

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