The United States Is A Nation Of Immigrants. Let’s Honor Them Beyond Just In June.

The United States Is A Nation Of Immigrants. Let’s Honor Them Beyond Just In June.

I call upon the people of the United States to learn more about the history of our Nation’s diverse and varied immigrant communities and to observe this month with appropriate programming and activities that remind us of the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. -JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR., President of the United States of America

We’re all immigrants, in a way. Maybe you were born in the USA, maybe your family has been here for 4 generations, maybe they have only been here for a few years. Either way, we all have a unique story of what drove us to cross whatever border that brought us to this place called home. Each one of those stories is a chapter in itself driven by specific reasons: escaping violence, finding opportunity, being with our families, or something else.

This month, the spotlight shines on these historical tests of bravery and the people that took part in them. There are people who came to our country for similar reasons we are currently embracing immigrants today. While most Americans don’t know their story, we can look back at history to find one similar to it.

This month though, the I Stand With Immigrants Initiative, shines a light down the street toward something even more familiar: immigrant architect Lira Luis FRIBA FRSA NCARB LEED AP, who, just like The Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, arrived in America with a dream….

And we know that those ideals hold true today, regardless of whether you’re looking back at our country’s founding or mapping out its future.

From @IAmAnImmigrant’s Twitter ThreadFrom @IAmAnImmigrant’s Twitter Thread

“Join us during Immigrant Heritage Month as we share stories exploring the powerful and crucial ways diversity enriches our communities and society, and join a growing coalition across the country proclaiming that it’s time to #CelebrateImmigrants.”


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The United States Is A Nation Of Immigrants. Let’s Honor Them Beyond Just In June.

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