The Robb Elementary School massacre in Uvalde, Texas is a double win for Republicans

The Robb Elementary School massacre in Uvalde, Texas is a double win for Republicans

If you found the title of this piece cringeworthy, you’re not alone. It is indeed, cringeworthy, as well as disturbing and true. For Republicans, it’s all about political gain PERIOD

Many Republicans, including Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy spoke up after the January 6, 2021 insurrection, opining that Donnie Trump was responsible and should be punished. By the end of the week, they were all aboard the It Was BLM, It Was Antifa, It Never Happened Train.

At first Republicans spent endless hours bending themselves into pretzels to avoid alienating the rabid Trump cult. Now they say things out loud that were once only said behind closed doors, all vying for the Trumpier than Trump title.

For Republicans, staying in line is a distraction, but a necessity nonetheless. Number one on their To Do list though, remains protecting and growing gun sales.

Events like the Robb Elementary School Massacre actually stimulate gun purchases across the country, so trying to stop them is actually counterproductive to the Republican agenda.

There are many ways to stimulate gun sales and stirring up motivating emotions like fear and hatred are at the top of that list. The White power movement certainly plays into that, but Right wing media like Rush Limbaugh, TucKKKer Carlson, Alex Jones and Sean Hannity have been casting Liberals as the Right’s mortal enemies for years.

We all blame Donnie Trump for the encroaching schism in America, but he is just a lightning rod. Trump is a fraud, a cheat and a charlatan who has spent his entire life perfecting the art of appealing to the worst in all of us.

It’s not coincidental that gun sales in America surged in 2015 to their highest level ever, with background checks increasing by 10% in just one year.

In 2021 5.4 million Americans bought 20 million guns.

There’s another insidious benefit to the easy access of guns in America and we only need to look as far as the Indiana-Illinois border, where guns flow freely and unchecked onto the streets of Chicago. Every bullet fired in Chicago is ammunition for Republicans to use against Democrats.

The party that is breaking its back to restrict voting and steal elections has no incentive whatsoever to stop the gun violence that seems to be consuming urban America.

Republicans have turned into disaster cheerleaders, welcoming any catastrophe that occurs during a Democratic administration or that can be blamed on Democrats.

In Texas, you can make abortion inaccessible, ban books and end free elections overnight, but now is never the time to talk about any kind of sensible gun laws.

Governor Abbott, scheduled to speak at a National Rifle Association tomorrow night has recently signed 22 (TWENTY TWO!) new laws making it easier to carry a gun, lowering the age to buy a gun and opening up public areas to pistol packing mamas.

No one wants to stop mass shootings in Texas. Or in the Republican Party, it seems.

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