The Power of Radio You Can Understand.

The Power of Radio You Can Understand.

There is no question that the invention of RADIO changed the world much like the telegraph and the telephone. The news could be reported as if it was happening with sounds that allowed your imagination to take you there. Unlike the telegraph or the telephone, it required a whole genre of employees to produce, direct, write, report, and act out what was presented over the airwaves. A telephone needed merely the participants of the call to make their connection come to life. And those that used the telegraph controlled the content of their personal message. All three inventions created a plethora of jobs to maintain their transmission and execute the dots & dashes or the voices including those heard by the Wichita Lineman while maintaining the telephone pole wires. But RADIO works best in creating a theater of the mind which in the case of Orson Welles’s, The War of the Worlds shocked and panicked the inhabitants of planet Earth when it ran live in 1938.

RADIO is an incredibly powerful medium, subject to one condition, the content of the programming material heard on the radio is more effective when the audience can hear it in their native tongue.

That is why I became involved in a foundation that produces and distributes Spanish Public Radio programming via terrestrial stations or via streaming the signal on the Internet, making that communication available globally. As an Emmy-Award-Winning producer/director for film and TV production, I appreciate the complexity of bringing a story to air.

Spanish Public Radio’s mission is to cultivate and sustain the Spanish-speaking community through a multi-media platform broadcast through the Internet. SPR broadcasts highly relevant news, music, arts, culture, financial, and educational content in Spanish. To accomplish this, SPR seeks to create an informal meeting place to build meaningful and lasting relationships by connecting listeners to their local communities and native countries.

There is a need for Spanish Public Radio since a portion of the U.S. Spanish-speaking population in America lacks access to media that promote a well-informed engaged community. According to a recent census, there are some 61 million people of Hispanic descent living in America. And contrary to what some might think, Latinos are engaged in every phase of America’s economy, from serving as renowned surgeons to being stockboys, which as we learned during the Pandemic are essential jobs that helped Americans keep food on their tables.

The people in the SPR Foundation know how to GO DO GOOD in bringing a modern marvel to LIFE in TODO ESPANOL (ALL SPANISH). That’s why Spanish Public Radio is a worthy initiative because RADIO is too important for people in the 21st Century to go without.

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William Natale is an Emmy-award-winning TV producer/director and author of “1968 – A Story As Relevant Today As It Was Then,” (a tale that takes place in Chicago based in part on a true story). Natale served as the director and associate producer for “Water Pressures,” featuring HBO ENTOURAGE star Adrian Grenier, shot on location in India and various cities in the U.S. “Water Pressures,” was broadcast on over 224 PBS stations. Natale was the Chairman of the Broadcast Promotional Marketing Executives (BPME now known as Promax). Natale served as the Marketing & Promotion Director for NBC5 Chicago and the VP/Director of Corporate Communications for WTTW. He also has experience in the education field as the Executive Director for both the downtown and Lombard campuses of the IL Media Schools (vocational colleges that teach broadcast media arts). He also served as the Executive Producer for the Internet Streaming Corporation and – working with talented individuals such as Candace Jordan (aka Candid Candace). Natale is a native Chicagoan and proud father of three adult children, two daughters and a son.

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