‘The Munsters’ Teaser Trailer (2022) – A Rob Zombie Film

‘The Munsters’ Teaser Trailer (2022) – A Rob Zombie Film

The Munsters are back!!!

As most of my fiendish fans and sinful subscribers know I am a HUGE fan of The Munsters! So, vhen I found out that horror director Rob Zombie vas going to helm a new production of my favorite First Family of Fright it vas vonderful news!

I have my own 20+ year history vith The Munsters since that is how Count Gregula started out. Back in 2000 I created my own fansite called Greg’s Munster Fan Club. My old site vas rather popular and because of all the attention it garnered I vas sent my first ever media invite to a special Halloween party in Waxahachie, Texas at the then newly built replica Munster Mansion to meet Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster) and Al Lewis (Grandpa). Been a crazy ride ever since! Meeting Rob Zombie vas another surreal experience vhen my media outlet vent two years in a row to review his haunted attraction called Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare at The Odeum in Villa Park, Illinois.

Anyvay, take a first lurk at the newly uploaded teaser trailer above for a sneak peek of Rob Zombie’s The Munsters. The teaser has a very nostalgic feel that I can really sink my fangs into! So far so ghoul. Enjoy!

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